Flying Refrigirators: Shipping Frozen Food

By: Salvador Paez

How often have you seen an old-school Chinese restaurant in San Francisco? Or a high-class French restaurant in New York? Many restaurants such as these need to ship their gourmet ingredients from far across the land. This is in order to serve the best, most authentic food that they can. Food, however, is not as easy to ship compared to a book or an appliance. If food does not arrive on time, it spoils. Once spoilt, the food becomes unusable to any chef. This is where frozen food shipping comes into play.

Shipping food over long distances becomes more efficient if it's done while they are frozen. When food is at its freezing point, it creates a preserving effect, prolonging the freshness of the product. Before, frozen food shipping was difficult for shipping companies. Eventually, numerous methods were discovered to make food delivery preservation easier and more effective.

Three of the most important discoveries in frozen food shipping is proper air circulation, pre-cooled cargo and infrared temperature probes.

Pre-cooled cargo refers to the pre-cooling of the vessel that the food will be travelling in. Even before the food is placed inside the temperature-controlled vehicle, it must be cooled already. This lets the food stay cool all throughout the delivery.

When shipping food, the compartment where it will be placed should be cooled already. This is the pre-cooled cargo. It will let the food stay cool throughout the travel, until it reaches the destination.

Infrared temperature probes are like technology-infused thermometers. The are capable of reading the temperature of the surface of an item from a distance. It also does this in mere seconds. Using these throughout the shipping process is a great way to maintain the temperature of your food.

With many more strategies like this in development, frozen food shipping is a breeze.

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