Florida Drug Treatment: Medication and Other Approaches

By: Scott Bernberg

Florida Addiction Treatment: Is Alternative Treatment The Right Answer?

Drug treatment and detoxification from drugs is a scary and painful experience. Most of the Florida addiction treatment centers take note of this fact and they make constant research to make a program which is best suited to the need of the patient. They closely monitor their patients; observe which signs give them the most discomfort, what kind of anxiety they show and how they have showed withdrawal symptoms. Fear is the greatest obstacle of drug detoxification. Most people who are willing to go for drug rehab or detoxification are afraid that it is full of pain and suffering. While it is not so, drug treatment is painful only in the initial stage when the body makes a lot of cravings for the opiate, but later on it because a easy way to tackle it down.

Various treatments for drug addictions are available in Florida. There are medicinal treatment, psychological treatment also called behavioral therapy and then the alternative world of treatment. Many people feel that Alternative treatment is the right answer for Florida addiction treatment. Let us find out haw alternative or holistic treatment can help an individual to overcome the addiction.

Medication and behavior therapy treatment is a combination of overall both psychological and medical approach where medications like Methadone and buprenorphine are effective in treating a large number of drug cases are given along with behavioral therapy. Behavioral treatment is applied to help patients so that they can cooperate to carry the treatments easily. They are often accused as painful treatment options where the patient suffers a lot. So, alternative treatment is a good option.

Alternative Florida Addiction Treatment Program:
Alternative addiction programs are firstly safe and they are carried in therapeutic environment where people find a peaceful environment to cope up easily and get rid of the habit. Most of the alternative treatment programs are meant for three weeks or more. They support the patients with everything except the opiate they are addicted to. They take into consideration the following areas of holistic methods they are hydration, nutrition, exercise, meditation, self support group discussion, and psychological counseling.

The non conventional approach also incorporates many other alternative programs which include sweat lodge ceremonies, visualization and guided imagery, transpersonal and existential group psychotherapies, Chi Kung, Tai Chi and others.

In alternative camps for Florida addiction treatment, the patient is kept under peaceful environment and far from the regular world. When they have cravings they are provided food items like fruits, vegetables, or any other chewing gums which slowly reduce the tendency of having the opiate. They are given behavioral therapy counseling to make them understand the consequences of their activities. Through visual medium and guided imagery it is entered in their brains that the opiate can cause great harm to their bodies. A sense of fear is incorporated in their mind which is very deep and this fear always keeps them away from the opiate. Slowly they stop thinking of the opiate and the brain which had stopped producing natural painkillers, start producing it and the person slowly suffers less. And a point comes when he is again a normal man without any need or dependency.

Thus the cheap alternative Florida addiction treatment is a good option, but it faces criticism that it cannot tackle cases where individuals are deeply into drug addiction.

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