Floor Cleaning: Dealing With The Dangers Of Allergen

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Many people do not realize that the allergen present in their homes, office or businesses has the potential of causing health problems such as allergies that can lead to asthma and other respiratory problems. It is therefore necessary to acquaint ourselves with these indoor allergens so that we can stay away, if possible, or to take the best precaution for our protection.

Allergen is defined as substances that are foreign to the body that can cause an allergic reaction to certain people. If you are suffering from year long nasal stuffiness, sneezing, watery eyes, constant post nasal drip, then you might be suffering from non-seasonal hay fever or perennial allergic rhinitis . Indoor allergen is the most common culprit triggering allergic rhinitis. Examples of indoor allergen are dust mites, animal dander, cockroach parts and mold.

Dust mites- is an allergy to a microscopic organism that lives in the dust that is found in the dust in dwellings and workplaces. It is one of the most common causes of allergic rhinitis. Dust mites live in bedding, and carpets and other upholstered furniture. Dust mites thrive on humid climate. To avoid dust mites, air conditioning as well as proper maintenance of carpets is essential because carpets serve as breeding places for dust mites.

Mold- mold spores are carried in the air and may be present all year long. Mold is most common indoors in wet or damp locations such as basement, bathrooms or washrooms. Fabrics, rugs, stuffed animals, books or wall paper can contain mold spores if they are kept in a damp place. Wall to wall carpeting is a good reservoir for dust mite and mold allergen if the premises are damp; vacuum cleaning is probably not an easy cleaning option. Vacuum cleaning suspends allergen in the air. Removing carpet might work better.

Animal dander- Animal dander is loose skin cells from animals such as dogs and cats. These skin cells which contain secretions from glands in the animal skin, is suspended in the air, where they may be inhaled in by people. Animal dander is an allergen. When a person is allergic to an animal, such as dog or cat, the allergy may be to animal dander skin cells or to dried saliva from the hair of the cat.

Limiting exposure to these indoor allergen as well as proper maintenance of carpets that serves as breeding places for allergen is essential to lessening allergic occurrences and live a healthy life.

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