Flash and SEO

By: Mel Joelle

Most web designers do not focus on the importance of integrating search engine optimization skills in the created website. In fact, 1 out of 10 designers or page owner do not believe in the effectiveness of an SEO optimized page. However, you must take note that SEO integrated content of a website is the most effective way of getting your website rank on top of search engine results. If you are planning to create a website as well as designing it yourself, you want it to be as appealing as possible. However, as much flash and video streaming you may want to put in your website, this will not be able to help get high ranks instead may cause your site to be left unnoticed and skipped by most search engines.

Flash actually decreases a website’s visibility among search engines thus making its rank lowered down as well. As a matter of fact, it even causes more harm than helping out with the site’s rankings. This is because any site with flash is heavy to carry especially with the images they have. Even if it has good content, search engines are unable to rank it on top of the page results after a user has conducted a search. Most search engines like Google and Yahoo are dependent on the text you have and not on the flash that your site has. Web development tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver insert Flash in pages that are inaccessible to most visitors. This is because the codes that are embedded are difficult to be visible for most users leading to a hard time in getting located whenever a search is done.

Since there are millions of searches done on a daily basis, using flash on your website will get you to have decreased visibility. This will make you lose more potential clients that could have resulted to an addition in the profit you can have. Even if your website is well optimized but contains heavy images such as flash, video streaming and the like, you are still most likely to be left behind when it comes to ranking. People will not take time to search on the second, third and so on from the results that search engines generate. Often times, the first top three results are the only ones taken into consideration. If not, keywords searched or key phrases are changed hence a new search is done.

If your site has not been well optimized plus it contains flash with heavy images, the visibility rate of your website will decrease. Since you will need a good rate of traffic to get your site on top of search engine results, you must be able to have good SEO techniques incorporated in your entire website. If people will get to find you easier, the more profit you will get making you receive the returns of your investment in a faster pace. On the other hand, search engines like Google have the ability to read and extract files that comes with Flash. It has also the ability to have the Flash extracted for links and texts. However, due to the heavy images displayed with flash, it makes it even harder for text to be noticed thus search engines and flash does not mix at all.

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