Five biggest problems of Golf and their solutions

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On the golf course, and there is no brawny 300 pounds behind you to catch up, not many opponents get in the front, and no 100 mph fastball coming toward your chin. So, why golf is so difficult to grasp? The followings are golf's five biggest problems and their solutions.

1. The perfect ball, why is it so hard
Ball on the ground, and you is to make it into the air, it seems there should be a wedge action son. However, the ball really depends on the height of the face of the tilt angle and spin down the intensity. If you add a wedge action, the bottom club will be stuck in the ball forward before, the result is not playing to that of thin thickness.
Practice with the irons, the ball hit the ball about before the simulated action: both hands to the front of the press and the hip in the open state, the right knee inward. This makes the shaft is tilted to the target, in the course of the next shot, this position is the best you are seeking.

2. Heal the right hook, why so difficult
People always assume that, if the control of hand move towards the target, hit the ball will be very straight. But this is wrong. If you do not rotate the forearm during play, then it will open the club face when the ball, which would lead to the right hook.
Rotate the forearm during the ball. Exercise can be done with a 7-iron half-swing, to determine the course of the ball is in his left arm above the right arm. If the left elbow away from the body or toward the top of the right palm, indicating that the forearm does not rotate. To cure the right hook, it is necessary to make you go to the original at the top of the lower arm

3. Ball direction, why is it so hard
Your instincts will make you stand behind the goal. But if your body moves towards the target direction, the right side of the face will be towards the goal. Because we stand beside the ball, if the body is the direction parallel to the target line, then you will feel the left side of the target aimed.
Practice, select a goal, the ball along the goal line in the direction of one to two feet placed behind a club. On the lever, turn your head to the right, at this time can not see the goal, but the club can see the ground. See the target line of direction will help get the ball pen Watch out.
Stations parallel to the direction of the target means that the left side of your body to the target

4. Training, why so difficult
Amateur players are always practicing on the wrong way, they put a basket ball fell to the ground, began to slash. In contrast, professional players have a clear training plan. Professional players are training for their own weaknesses, and amateur players to note that the power of growth.
Practice with a purpose. Write down your goals, and then one by one to implement. If you want to adjust the station to check before every shot in their grip, posture, and the body is parallel to the direction and goals. Note that if the pace of play, forget the hit the ball first, focus on the rhythm of the above. Hold a part well before starting to practice the following section. Good training habits will make you progress faster.

5. A short push, why so difficult
That you have a short push to the psychological hole, this will cause tension. But 4-foot putt on the different, you have to concentrate on stations, aiming the ball, putt. Short push will lead to lack of focus errors.
Short push is needed is aiming to focus your spirit and design of the ball along the track. Before the put, draw a line around the ball around, making it parallel to your station. Mark to the ball this simple action will help ease the tension. Putt, try to work around to this line not shaking, I think you made a perfect ball. Regardless of not drawing a line drawn on the ball, you have to imagine it in the presence of mind

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