Five Ways to Tackle Boredom in Poker

By: Poker Nation

Fans of poker in India know that playing the same game over and over again can become boring after a while. As a newcomer, every time you sat down at the table, there was a sense of excitement. After the game, you’d be counting the hours until you could have a go again. Fast forward 5 years and now you realize that the same enthusiasm no longer exists. You have become bored of the game and are willing to try something else. Feeling this way is natural for anyone who’s spent countless hours at the table, but there are ways one can reclaim that excitement,

1.Pick up a variant
Texas Hold’em isn’t the only way to play poker. There exist numerous variants like Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Blaze, and the list goes on.

2.Find a new crowd
Sometimes the problem isn’t the game you play but the company you keep. The truth is we outgrow some people. If you believe that you’re home game or the regulars at casino you got to are draining the fun out of the game, you need a change of location.

3.Take a break from poker
Sometimes the best thing to do is to just walk away from the card game. For those whose entire life revolves around poker, it is common for one to feel mentally exhausted. In such a situation, taking a break from it, and spending your time doing something else will lift up your spirits.

4.Change the stakes
Sometimes, the boredom in poker stems from the stakes a player frequently plays on. Perhaps you are competing at a level that is too high for your bankroll and you’re stressed. Other times, the fun in poker is lost due to playing “professionally.” In such cases, maybe it is time to change the stakes.
5.Play better
Are you really bored with the game or can’t admit that you’re horrible at it? When you are not winning it’s really hard to enjoy a game. This is a phase seasoned poker players have gone through.

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