Five Ways to Increase Your Productivity Levels

By: Ross Peter

Stress and a hectic lifestyle can drain your body of energy and make you feel dull and lethargic all day long. This can have an adverse effect on your productivity levels which again adds to your stress turning into a vicious cycle. If you are facing such a problem here are a few tips to consider:

1.) Change your diet: Research proves that the wrong diet can increase stress and depression levels. So take a note of your diet and try to change it. As a rule of the thumb you have to lower intake of the four whites namely – Salt, Sugar, Milk/Milk products and White Rice and increase intake of raw veggies and fruits. You also will need to cut down on meat consumption.

The best way to go about this is to switch to a fruit based breakfast and dinner. This will help your body digest food better and which will help you feel fresh every morning.

2.) Take up yoga: Yoga can have a miraculous effect on your overall health. There are many asanas in yoga that are dedicated to increasing the energy levels of the body. And these asanas are quite simple to perform. Like for instance the paranayama which only involves breathing in a particular way. But beware yoga done wrong can have negative effects on your body. Make sure to perform yoga under professional guidance.

3.) Walk every morning: Get up in the morning, take a glass of juice and go for a walk. Walking helps improve the metabolism of your body and you automatically start feeling more energetic. Keep in mind not to strain your body. Walk only as much as your body allows you to. As you keep at it, you will be able to walk more and more every day.

4.) Meditate in silence: You need not meditate for hours together. Just around five to ten minutes of meditation a day should do. Close your room, turn down the lights and just feel your inner body. Feel yourself breathing in the air, feel your lungs take the oxygen out of the air you breath, feel your heart pumping blood, feel the blood circulating throughout your body. Feel your brain and the thoughts that are going inside. In other words just be yourself for a while forgetting everything else. Come in the now, forget about the past and the future.

5.) Live in the now: Once you start meditating you will be able to do this with more ease. Most of us live our entire lives either thinking about the past or worrying about the future. We completely forget the space of now in which everything happens. As you meditate you will be able to live more and more in the space of now. There is immense power in the space of now which you will realize once you start to live in the Now.

6.) Let go of the ego: The ego can be a major contributor to your stress levels and this can hamper your productivity because of the negative energy it generates. It is not possible for human beings to remove ego from their system, so the only way to go about this is to focus on the ego or to become aware of the ego. When your mind starts thinking something negative just focus on those negative thoughts and see how those thoughts go away.

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