Five Secrets to an Efficient Performance Measurement

By: Red diamond

To small town businesses to multimillion dollar businesses- they all strive for the exact same thing. They all need the most efficient performance measurement possible to stay afloat. However, there are five- yes, just five- simple secrets to business excellence in terms of efficient performance measurement.

First, a business will need to measure all factors that pertain to performance measurement. One of these factors is delivery efficiency. To measure this factor, businesses need key performance indicators or in short, KPIs, which are goals to help businesses define and measure progress of this goal. For example, these indicators will measure the efficiency of delivering goods to customers on time. Businesses leaders can look at the KPI reports and see where targets are met and not met. By correcting those not met, leaders can ensure the most profit is being obtained and their business has the most efficient performance measurement possible.

Second, a business will need to look at long-term goals rather than short-term ones. Luckily, there is a solution. KPI reports will help secure long-term goals as well as short term goals. Therefore, businesses know what they need to correct in the present and then start to change in the future.

Third, a business will need to keep employees at their best by conducting random quality control checks. With KPI management, there is not just a general picture draw for the business’ future; there is an extensive look to the businesses future. Employees may not seem to be a part of performance measurement, but they are. They can affect performance just as anything else can. But, by keeping employees at their best by telling them there will be random quality checks of their work, this is ensure the best performance measurement possible.

Fourth, a business will have to understand, change may be necessary to maintain efficient performance measurement. It is understandable that change is challenging, especially when it can make or break a business. However, it is often necessary when a KPI reports assessment is indicating that system in the business is not working at its maximum potential. The leader of the business will then have to run another KPI on those failing systems alone and then make adjustment and keep “re-testing” until a KPI report indicates that the system is working at its best.

The fifth and final secret is a business will have to understand that performance doesn’t stop; it is a cycle, always running, always changing. When a business uses KPI management, they cannot stop at just one satisfactory KPI report and say that the performance measurement will always stay in the satisfactory category and never slide into unsatisfactory. Businesses will have to run multiple reports to ensure that they have efficient performance measurement. It may seem like an impossible task but businesses will have to tackle it to make sure that they are making the most profit. Profit is hard to come by in the challenging economy of today. And with KPI management, two things are insured if the business uses the information of the KPI reports to their advantage: profit and an efficient performance measurement.

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