Five Reasons to leave your Online Poker Room

By: Poker Nation

Here are five reasons to leave your online poker room,
1.They don’t offer variants
Different sites usually offer different types of poker. You should consider both the card game you want to play (Stud, No Limit Hold’em, Omaha) along with the format you want to play it in (cash games, tournaments, SNGs). Some portals will focus on tournaments with big prize pools while others will try to attract cash game players by including promotions at their regular game tables.
2.They do not keep your money secure
Poker is a recreational activity, but it is also played professionally. You would not walk into a casino of live poker venue if you knew that the chips would lose their value by the time you decided to leave the casino. An online poker room is no different. The reality is that there are thieves on the web and some of them try to take advantage of unsuspecting online players.
However, there are online poker forums that you can visit where you people come to offer their input regarding different poker platforms. Take some time to do research on any online poker website prior to depositing. The odds are good that if the site is not genuine you will find other players warning you to stay away.
3.Their software is full of bugs
Nothing really ruins an online poker session like glitch-filled or lagging software. Make sure to go through the user interface before committing to a site with a deposit. It’s certainly not a decision to take lightly, since you will be interacting with the software each time you play.
Some websites place emphasis on engaging graphics, eye-catching avatars, and an overall experience that imitates social gaming. Other sites are “clean” looking, and linear. If you are looking for an experience that will keep you entertained you’ll want the first type. For players looking to put in long sessions on a regular basis, using software that is designed to run in a simplistic way is the better option.
4.They don’t create the ‘online poker experience’
Everyone has different reasons for playing online poker. There are fans and recreational players who play solely for the love the game, “weekend warriors” who want to get in some practice in during the week, and finally professionals who make a career from the comfort of their home. Being honest with yourself about the reason why you are sitting down at the virtual poker table goes a long way to maximizing what you get out of the ‘poker experience’. If the online poker site you’re presently playing on isn’t providing you with a pleasant experience, you have only one person to blame – yourself. There are plenty of alternatives out there.
5.They do not let you cash out easily
Today, numerous options exist for online poker transactions. If you are outside of the United States, e-wallets are quite popular. Whatever online poker room you select, ensure it will not only be possible to move your cash around, but also convenient.

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