Five Reasons To Purchase Web Hosting

By: lobardgreg

There are so many free options for web hosting now that it can be tempting to stick just with those, rather than shelling out for professional hosting and a domain of your own. This is often a mistake, however – and we’ve put together a quick guide to five of the reasons that’s true. There are plenty of others, of course, but this is a good place to start!
1. It Will Add A Sense Of Professionalism To Your Site
One of the problems with using pre-made domains – even if you can customise them – is that it makes you look unprofessional. No matter how prominently you've displyed the name of your business, that / or / takes something away from the slick look of the thing. You can get around this by having a domain all of your own – looks ever so much more 'together'. It's worth bearing in mind as well that you'll also be able to use that domain as an email address – [email protected] – which adds yet another layer of professionalism.
2. You’ll Have Far More Control Over Your Content
Most of the places that let you host websites for free exercise some control over what that site looks like or how it functions – whether that's the Tumblr blog format or the BigCartel standardised shopfront. The only way to break away from that entirely and have things looking just as you like is to buy your own domain. From there you can design everything to be just as you want it.
3. Advertisements Will Be Entirely Your Own Choice
One of the pitfalls of using webspace hosted by someone else is that you won't have control over the adverts displayed on your own site. Once you own a domain, that decision is entirely down to you – whether to use this advert or that one, or indeed to have none at all. Some of the advertisements foisted upon people by domain owners other than themselves can be problematic, particularly if you have a site that takes a specific position – owning a domain is the only way to maintain control.
4. There’s No Risk Of Someone ‘Squatting’ Your Trademark
If you don't buy your domain name, someone else might – and that can ultimately damage your brand identity as your business or other venture grows. You don't want a competitor or someone entirely other than you using your name, and the only way to ensure that cannot happen is to buy it yourself.
5. You’re Prepared To Scale Your Site When Necessary
Business needs change over time. There might be times when you want a larger site, and others when you need to scale back a little; some months or years you might experience many visitors, and at other times very few. This means that you need to flexibility to deal with that kind of scaling, which an externally-hosted website cannot always give you. Buying your own removes all those constraints and lets you change things as necessary.

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Buying your own removes Web Hosting Providers all those constraints and lets you change things as necessary.

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