Five Plants that Bring Your Office to Life

By: Ricky Wade

If you are looking to bring life and color to your space, PLANTation Services can help. We are the leading indoor tropical plant rental and service company. We take the work out of putting the final touch on your space. In addition to selecting the right plants for your space and arranging them in and eye-pleasing way, we provide guaranteed care of the plants. This includes watering, pruning, cleaning, fertilizing and if at any point you aren't happy with how the plant looks or you want a change, we bring you a new plant for no additional charge. It's that easy! Find out why it pays to have live plants in your office and learn about five popular plant varieties.

Reasons to Have Live Plants in the Office

Live plants are aesthetically pleasing accent to any office. In addition to looking great, live plants purify the air. Our plant rental services allow you to add lush greenery to your office with no hassle. There are many other reasons you should have live plants in your indoor surrounding. For more information on the benefits of live plants please visit

Which Plants are Good Choices for a Brown Thumb?

Choosing the correct plant for your space can be tricky due to light and water requirements and space restrictions. The following plants are a selection of ones we most frequently use that thrive in most light situations.

Dracaena massangeana - Commonly known as a corn plant these plants are perfect for that low light corner that does not seem to provide enough light for any plant to grow. It has thick canes topped with broad green foliage with yellow stripes in the center of the leaves. The come in heights ranging from 3' to 10'. The Mass Cane is consistently a favorite with customers as well as with their care givers.

Zamia zamiifolia - Also known as a ZZ plant, is a rich glossy green leaved plant that can thrive in very low light conditions. The ZZ has a bushy low growth habit and puts off leaf spikes. Like a succulent this plant makes a great focal piece for conversation and requires very little water.

Epipremnum aureum - Known by some as Devil's Ivy or Pothos, this plant is commonly confused with a philodendron. Like the philodendron, Pothos come in many different left colors, sizes and thicknesses. Unlike philodendrons, Pothos leaves are always heart-shaped. The foliage color ranges from silver to solid green to green with white or golden specs. This is the plant that you will invariably see rooting in water on desks possibly even in your own office.

Dracaena deremensis 'Janet Craig' - The JC, like the Mass Cane, is in the Dracaena family. This plant comes in several shapes and sizes from a desk top size to a 3' bush to a cane form that grows to about 6'. The JC has the same leave shape as the mass cane but has solid green broad leaves. This is a great choice for low to medium light conditions.

Rhapis excelsa - The Rhapis Palm is also known as the Broadleaf Lady Palm. It is one of the few palms that will tolerate lower light conditions. It is a very elegant palm that is slow growing and is cultivated largely in Hawaii. They are bushy with palmate dark green leaves that resemble a human palm and fingers. These range in size from 3' to more than 10' in height. Our plant rental options are the perfect solution to have exotic plants like the Rhapis Palm without having to make the expensive investment of purchasing one.
These are just a few of the plants that we have at our disposal to add a touch of green to your space.

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