Five Online Marketing Tactics Every Business Should Use

By: Stephanie Diamond

Every online business strives to make their website unique. In my experience, there are five fundamental tactics that every online business should employ. Some are intuitive, some are not. I have found that businesses find several of them ‘inconvenient’ and choose to ignore them. Review the list and see if you are guilty of avoiding a useful tactic.

1. Use Professional-looking branding

If you were to choose one item from this list not to ignore it should be branding graphics. Professional graphics can make or break your company. If you don’t have strong, well-thought out branding, you are wasting your time selling on the internet. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on a high-priced designer. It means you have to decide what your business is about and make it clear to visitors the moment they hit your home page. The key here is strategy, not pretty pictures.

2. Make your Products Easy to Buy

I picked “Make it Easy to Buy’ as the tagline for my online marketing company because I believe most online businesses get that wrong. Intuitively, you know it’s true, because you can’t always buy an online product you want. You have chosen your item, you have your credit card in hand, but you just can’t make it happen. Ask three people who are not associated with your company to log onto your website and attempt to buy a product while you observe. This is always eye-opening. Do this today and you’ll learn something about why your sales are stagnant.

3. Reward your Customers

It seems strange, but most companies don’t really thank their customers for buying from them. By that I mean REALLY thank them, by offering a future discount, a special newsletter or something that moves the relationship forward. No one is required to buy from you. If they are willing to purchase your product, make sure they are rewarded. People, who are rewarded, will repeat the experience, it’s as simple as that.

4. Partner with others in your Field

This tactic separates the successful from the very successful. Many businesses jealously guard their information and never look outside for inspiration. The best way to grow your business is to partner with others who market to the same customers. Not only do I recommend that you seek out those in complimentary businesses, I encourage you to look at others doing the same thing you are. Approach them and see how you can be stronger together. This may seem threatening at first, but once you realize that more resources and more ideas make you stronger, the quicker you’ll see the value. Obviously, don’t give away proprietary secrets, but find common ground and you’ll be amazed what can happen.

5. Provide Content Variety
Everyone has a favorite way to access information. The internet makes it mandatory that you read text to get where you’re going. But don’t be limited to this method. Use audio, video, flash movies and anything else you can try to diversify your message. Don’t be afraid to try teleseminars or pod casting. Use it as a test. You don’t need to commit a huge budget to these tactics, but a small test will allay your fears and might point you toward a great new way to generate revenue.

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