Five Insider Tips On How To Buy A Used Car

By: Chris Gill

Peterborough used car dealer Del Mastro Motors has provided vehicles to Canadian drivers for over a decade, including a large number of customers who arenít sure what they want out of a used vehicle or how to get it. Consumers are always concerned about lemons but donít have the expertise to identify them Ė and contrary to popular belief, ethical used car dealers prefer informed buyers. They lead to fast, simple transactions and high customer satisfaction. Thatís why Del Mastro recommends following these five tips to leave the lot in a used car youíll love.

Get the History: Check the VIN number and get a CRAFAX report before agreeing to anything, period! Even the most attractive car can be a recently salvaged wreck ready to fall apart the moment it leaves the lot. Do this every time and donít be shy about it. A good dealer looks forward to this process because he sells quality cars and sees the report as a chance to highlight the vehicleís positive attributes.

Research: Take the time to research vehicles in your price range. Youíll be better able to detect true bargains and will know about the features and drawbacks of particular automobiles. The Canadian Red Book Vehicle Valuation Guide is the standard reference for vehicle pricing. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy (itís under $20). Cross reference the cars youíre interested in with information from Consumer Reports (consumerreports(dot)org) and other reputable resources.

Go to Combined New/Used Dealers: New car lots have to follow particular standards to qualify for the vehicles they carry and are generally unwilling to do anything that might put that relationship in jeopardy, making them more reliable used vehicle merchants. These dealers typically have well-trained maintenance staff on hand to make sure all cars, new and used, are in prime condition.

Test Drive, Test Drive, Test Drive: Test drive at least three vehicles before signing on the dotted line. If there are multiple examples of the same make and model available drive at least two of them. No amount of visual inspection can match the feel of actually driving. This is particularly important if youíve driven the same type of vehicle for a long time, because the experience will show you which car best fits your ingrained habits.

Learn to Drive Standard: Many motorists are intimidated by standard transmission, so you can often find bargains in manual, non-sport models (in sports vehicles, manual drive is often expected and no bargain). Learn to drive standard with as much confidence as you would with an automatic transmission and youíll greatly increase your opportunities to purchase a high quality used car at a lower price.

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Del Mastro Motors is one of the leading auto dealerships in Central Ontario. Serving all the Kawarthas, Del Mastro is a Peterborough used car dealer as well as a Peterboroughís Suzuki dealership.

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