Five Best Vodka Drinks That You Should Try At Least Once in Your Lifetime

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Vodka is the most cocktail-ready liquor ever invented. The clean and clear taste and colour of vodka makes it an easy mixer. For this reason only, a great variety of vodka drinks are easily available in pubs and bars. These cocktails widely vary in ingredients, flavour, style etc. However, some vodka cocktails have been able to secure their place in the elite echelons of the extended liquor family. These cocktails continue to serve as a source of inspiration for a number of other cocktails that are no less popular from their predecessors. Below are five best vodka recipes that you should learn to make to impress your guests. However, if you are a true wine and spirit aficionado, you should read vodka and liqueur reviews online to stay updated about the best liquors and cocktails.

Vodka Martini with Lemon Twist
Martini is the eldest and most basic of cocktails that have vodka as the base ingredient. You should use the best brands to make a martini. Vodka, bitters, dry vermouth are the three key ingredients to make a great martini. Gin martini is also quite popular. But we would stick to vodka here as that would fit the title. With vodka and dry vermouth, you can also make a few other cocktails apart from martini. Keep in mind that the other ingredients may vary, but the base ingredients are the same for Vodka martini and April Rain, Orange Martini, Irish Martini and Vesper Martini.

Vodka also serves as the ideal base for lighter fruit flavoured cocktails. Cosmopolitan is a nice example of a vodka-based and light fruit-flavoured cocktail. Citrus vodka, a trifle lime and Cointreau and cranberry juice can be mixed in right quantities to make this bluish pink and flavoursome cocktail. These vodka drinks can also be made with other light fruits such as pineapple, apple, kiwi, melon etc. Flirtini, Greentini, Apple Martini and Kiwi Martini are the cousins of this cocktail.

Bloody Mary Cocktail
Bloody Mary is arguably the most famed vodka cocktail. For many morning drinkers, Bloody Mary continues to be a hot favourite. Expert mixologists do a lot of experiment with this drink. The vodka cocktail has undergone many experiments through the decades and you may learn about many unknown Bloody Mary recipes from the true fans of this vodka cocktail. Among those, the Clamato version is certainly the most popular. Reindeer Caesar is another close variant of the orthodox Bloody Mary.

Black Russian
Russians canít get enough of vodka. Black Russian is one classy vodka drink that Russians have taught the world how to make. Making this cocktail is super easy. You just need vodka and Kahlua (Mexican coffee-flavoured liqueur, available in supermarkets) and need to serve it with crushed ice. Choose a strong vodka for this cocktail.

Vodka Collins
For those who are a great fan of vodka highballs should try this. It is just vodka, syrup and a dash of lemon that can make this amazing cocktail happen.

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