Fitting A WEB Time Clock Software In Your Business

By: Gerald

Gone are the days when employers must use paper-based systems in order to track the time their employees spend on certain tasks such as working online or simply being in the office. Paper systems were notoriously labor strenous and error-prone.

Dependant upon the web time clock software made used of, an employer now may install either software or sign up for a service that will allow the tracking of employee activity for as little as $2.00 per month. Stats are collected and may be exported into other software to be looked into. There are typically real-time reports that come with such software which show the usage and time an employee has made on the Internet. Such software also enables an employer to control employee access with easy to customize permissions.

With a subscription service to a web based time clock employers don't have to worry about upgrading - this happens automatically and no IT personnel are needed to install anything. Everything that's required is a standard web-browser and an account is often set up in a few minutes. The databases are backed up each day - automatically, so no one at the employer's offices must remember to do it and there are no backups or maintenance tasks involved either.

So why have such a system? Determining payroll could be a nightmare in some companies, where various wage structures, overtime, sales commission and profit share schemes make the life of payroll staffers a living hell, when paper-based systems are used. Time keeping software is not just a device to see what employees are up to at any given moment - it is a device that cuts out endless discussions of who works the most hours, who is owed overtime or who should be promoted for putting in an extra effort over a period of time.

Web time clock software or a web based time clock can also be used to track progress on special projects and ensure correct billing to clients at the end of a project. Because real-time reports are instantly generated, billing supports the amount invoiced by evidence, should a client ask the amount of time spent on a particular aspect of a project.

Such systems usually are not reliant on a specific company size either - micro businesses with less than 5 employees will benefit just as much as large multi-nationals, who have branches throughout the world. The software application will help keep your charges down and show where a new product may have to be re-priced, in the event labor costs were higher in real-time than envisaged in the business plan.

Employee time clock software is a great investment and something that can help you to save a lot of money for your business while also being a better employer for your staff. Here we will look at why employee timeclock software is so useful and how to make the most of it.

Recording the times that your staff 'clock in' and 'clock out' has always been of great importance. You need to know precisely how long your staff have been working so that you know how much to pay them. This then makes it fair to them as they will get paid for the time they put in and it makes it fair for you as they don't get paid over time. In the past companies would use time stamps which worked simply by stamping a card as someone came into work that they would put into the timeclock.

This however had many limitations. First of all, if you get cards stamped to mark attendance and time, this then means that at some point those cards have to be counted up in order to work out how much is owed to the employee. This then in turn meant more mistakes where people made errors and your staff got paid the wrong amount - not enough and it would be unfair to them and result in poor employee satisfaction, too much and it would mean you were losing money on a monthly basis and in large amounts. Then if someone were to lose their time card they would end up losing all record of the hours they worked and that would land you all in trouble. This then got more complicated as 'flexi-time' was introduced.

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WEB time clock software or a WEB based time clock has a variety of uses, not just for checking attendance. While users may be 'clocking in and out', the software can work on stand-alone computers, if not required for an entire network. Where it is not required to track all employees' attendance, a saving can be made on software purchase.

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