Fitness Weight Loss Program

By: Mel Joelle

When trying to reach weight loss goals, we focus on the wrong things. We think cardio is king, and it’s off to the elliptical 30 minutes a few times a week and call it a day. Then, after days of sweating off the miles, we wonder why the pounds still there.

We’re so frustrated because cardio is just one aspect of a weight loss regimen. If the rest of the pieces are missing, optimum fitness just won’t happen. A true, effective weight loss program has several factors:

Cardio: you already know about it and overvalue it. Look how thin marathon runners are, right? Well they didn’t get that way through just 30 minutes of cardio every other day and neither will you. Cardio burns calories and boosts metabolism. Don’t eliminate it from your program. Keep it, but remember it’s just one piece.

Weight training: Isn’t lifting counterintuitive if I’m trying to lose weight? Why am I building muscles if I’m trying to slim down? Truth is, weight training is integral to weight loss. Muscle burns more calories than fat and it burns calories at rest, long after your workout. Don’t fear “getting huge” like a bodybuilder or a strongman contestant! On the contrary, weight training will help you achieve a toned, athletic body.

Diet: Ever finish a hard workout and then pig out, thinking, “I’ve earned the right to treat myself?” Weight loss is as simple: calories in/calories out. A deficit equals weight loss. Burn 600 calories at the gym, then eat an 800 calorie cheeseburger? Don’t be surprised to see fat stay put. A proper diet plan is vital.

Variation: keep the same workout routine and you’ll get bored. Guess what? Your body gets bored, too! The body adapts, becoming exceedingly competent at its job. Your body views a repetitive regimen as a challenge to do the same work more efficiently, burning fewer calories. You need to vary your workout. Keep your body guessing.

Intensity: Are you challenging yourself to achieve your goals and pushing it to the limit with every exercise, or going through the motions? Maintaining intensity throughout your workout is difficult, but crucial.

Motivation: what makes you stay at this? At the end of the day, how can you drag yourself to the gym? How do you keep your intensity? Staying motivated is difficult when there’s so much else going on in life. Motivation is what ensures you that the last minute of your workout will be just as beneficial as the first. You need to find your motivation to succeed.

A personal trainer is a workout partner, dietician and coach. They’ll give you a personalized regimen to optimize your workout and focus on dietary hints you might be missing. A trainer helps you reach your goals by motivating you to keep up the intensity. If it’s time for you bring it all together, contact Achieve Personal Fitness today to set up a consultation. The time for you to reach your fitness goals is right now.

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