Fitness Training Programs Need to be tailored to the Individual

By: Claire Schintler

We often come across the saying “no two people are the same” or “what works for someone may not necessarily work for another”. When it comes to fitness training programs, those two statements hold a lot of importance. The same training routine with similar activities may provide different results in two individuals. Hence anyone who is serious about their fitness and wants to follow a program must ensure that the program has been created with their specific needs in mind.

For the average person, things like bone density, their endurance levels or even their diet would not make much of a difference. But when it comes to personal fitness trainers, these things should matter a lot. It is only after analyzing a person’s current routine and fitness level thoroughly can one suggest a training program that suits them the best. It is important that the person going through the training must be able to go about their daily lives with ease. If the body suddenly encounters something dramatically different from what it is used to, then the reaction may not be so pleasant. That is why the best fitness trainers all across the globe prefer assessing their clients first and ease them into a program that goes from basic to an advanced level gradually. They study their clients to see where they need improvement and develop tailor-made programs for them. Such kinds of programs are the ones that give the best results in a much faster period of time.

The other important aspect of ensuring individually tailored fitness programs is to create long lasting effects. You do not want a scenario where you go through rigorous training and attain the desired fitness level only to reverse back to where you were once you stop the program for a while. Individually tailored fitness programs allow your body to absorb the new routine and it actually helps in keeping the person physically as well as mentally motivated to continue with the training program.

In fact motivation is one of the key aspects when it comes to fitness training. So many people start a program only to give it up within a few weeks. Some have trouble to even start exercising although they know they want to be serious about their fitness. Working with a personal trainer who has taken the time to study your specific situation and developed a program that not only suits your body but also has incorporated activities that you like goes a long way in keeping someone motivated and continue with their fitness program.

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Claire Schintler is one of the co-founders of Simply Fitness Personal Training studio, based in Essendon, Victoria. We provide fitness and strength training for people of all makes and models. For more information on our fitness studio in Essendon, please visit

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