Fitness Training For Women

By: Mel Joelle

A fitness training program for women takes into account unique needs women might want for their bodies and their physical fitness. All women will vary in what they want their bodies to look like. However, one of the best ways for women to remain relatively healthy is through a variety of cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercises.

Cardiovascular exercises will help strengthen a woman’s heart and prepare it for intense exercise routines. Since cardiovascular exercises involves increased oxygen intake from strenuous muscle use, any woman will need to have their heart prepared to tackle a tough exercise regimen.

To begin any exercise session, it is best to stretch all of the muscles in the body, including the leg muscles. After stretching, begin some cardiovascular exercises, like walking. The walking needs to be mixed up in intensity at various times. For example, start out by walking normally, but then begin to sprint to increase heart rate and muscle use. After a few weeks of doing this activity, consistently running instead of walking could be possible. It is important to always take breaks by slowly “walking it off”. This is done by slowing the pace of running down, but consistently remains moving so the heart can slow down effectively. Any of these cardiovascular exercises can be done outside or on exercise equipment like a treadmill.

Once a woman does her cardiovascular exercises for the day, she should schedule a certain exercise routine for each day. Focusing on a specific muscular region will allow a woman to focus her physical strength on that one area. This advice allows for a longer exercise session on one area of the body, instead of doing random exercises for different muscles. If a woman is exercising five days a week, have one of the five days centered on one region and one region only.

For maximum fitness, a woman should focus on four different areas or groups:

1. Chest and Back Muscles

Exercises that help strengthen the chest muscles include bench pressing and simple push ups. For the back, perform exercises like the chin up or the bent-over row with some dumbbells.

2. Front and Back Legs

Also known as the quadriceps and hamstrings, strengthening these muscles are key, especially for future cardiovascular exercises. Exercises that utilize weights against the front and back of the legs, like the leg raise and the leg curl are recommended.

3. Biceps and Triceps

Focusing on the biceps and triceps will increase a woman’s arm strength, lifting power, and shoulder muscles. Holding dumbbells of various weights and curling one’s arm should strengthen the biceps. Exercise equipment might be needed to perform some triceps exercises, like the push-down or the dip.

4. Abdomen

Abdominal exercises like the sit up or the crunch are very common and easy ways to strengthen the stomach region.

Fitness training for women is an excellent way to work toward the body a woman wants. If more information or help is needed, contact Achieve Personal Fitness for a consultation.

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