Fitness Supplements: Educate Yourself to Build Muscle Quickly and Safely

By: Chris Robertson

Building muscle takes a lot time, energy and patience, but using the right bodybuilding supplements can help speed up the process. There are hundreds if not thousands of products online to enhance your fitness efforts. So how can you choose which ones are right for you?

First, do some studying to learn what each type of bodybuilding supplement has to offer and how it may affect your body. Fitness supplements are designed to bring certain results in building muscle and/or burning fat. Each supplement has its own advantages and disadvantages, and may affect people differently.

If you're already taking other supplements or prescription medications, some muscle supplements might react negatively with your medication. That's why it is important to get all the facts before adding a fitness supplement to your exercise regime. Speak with your doctor to be sure the supplement is a safe choice before moving forward.

Types of Muscle-Building Supplements

There are many kinds of supplements to help build and grow muscle. Most beginning bodybuilders start out with a multivitamin, creatine or protein. These can be consumed through capsules, or you can try protein bars, protein drinks and meal replacements if you'd prefer that avenue.

Protein has amino acids, which are the main muscle builders in the body. You should take in at least one to two grams of protein per pound of your body weight each day, either through protein-rich foods or supplements. Eggs, whey, soy and casein each contain healthy amounts of protein.

Creatine also works wonders for muscle building. Though it is created naturally in your body, you may want to add a creatine supplement to boost your muscle building efforts. Creatine supplements should be cycled (taking them for several weeks and then break for a couple of weeks).

A good multivitamin can help you feel better daily by ensuring your body gets the daily vitamins it needs. If your body is lacking even one of the essential vitamins or minerals, your muscle gain efforts can be hindered. Taking a multivitamin will not only improve muscle gain but can also improve overall health.

Other bodybuilding supplements include amino acids, ZMA, natural testosterone booster, glutamine, anti-estrogens, HMB, muscle building stacks, nitric oxide, tribulus, and methoxy. If you need to lose some extra pounds before starting your muscle-building routine, try a fat burner supplement for starters.

Shop online to find high quality fitness supplements at affordable prices. Look for supplements by trusted manufacturers such as MuscleTech, Muscle Milk, BSN, American Bodybuilding, Baywood, Biochem, GHR, Halo, ProLab, SportPharma and others to find just the right supplement for you. Some fitness supplement stores online offer a variety of supplements from many different manufacturers so you can pick and choose the one that meets your needs. If you need to purchase several items, you'll save money by shopping at one source because you'll be able to combine shipping costs when ordering multiple items. Start out slow with basic fitness training and continue to build muscle and strength until you reach your goals.

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