Fitness Routine For Women

By: Mel Joelle

Women’s fitness is no longer limited to light weights and cardio machines. Instead, female targeted fitness routines have begun to encompass exciting classes and muscle building programs that can appeal to a wide variety of goals and workout styles.

Fitness Misconceptions

Some female exercisers may fear weight lifting routines because of myths that weight lifting sparks bulk or weight gain. But while many women may steer clear of the free weights at a gym, a weight routine can actually be beneficial for females, toning muscles and boosting the metabolism. While weight machines at the gym can be beneficial to a routine, free weights are an important part of adding weight training because of the agility and coordination they require for various moves. Weight machines can be somewhat self explanatory, while the use of free weights may require more knowledge. Women who may not understand the proper form and technique accompanying the use of free weights should seek the expertise of a personal training.

Adding Weight Training to a Fitness Routine

While treadmills, elliptical machines and stationary bicycles may be popular among women seeking to torch serious calories, aerobic activities are not sufficient for providing an overall higher level of fitness and aiding weight loss, muscle building and over all strength goals. Instead, goals can be reached more easily with a balanced fitness routine that includes both aerobic activity and weight training. Weight training can help define muscles, tone trouble areas and boost the metabolism. When used in combination with a cardio routine, fitness goals are well within one’s reach.

Exercise is Not a Chore

One mistake that sometimes plagues many females is the introduction of a fitness routine that is more like a chore than a way to de-stress or get fit. One of the best ways exercisers can take a routine from boring to exciting is by switching up programs often. Not only does adding variation to one’s routine continually challenge the body and push through plateaus, a new routine can also keep things exciting and prevent women from giving up on fitness goals. Adding a new class or hiring a personal trainer to add new exercises and moves to a program can be an excellent way to challenge oneself with new activities while continuing with progress toward a healthier life and fitter body.

Classes like Zumba, which offers the fitness benefits of movement and aerobic activity with the fun of dancing and upbeat music, is an exciting trend that provokes women to enjoy their fitness routines. Swimming, weight training, sports leagues and various classes offered at one’s gym can help fitness hopefuls escape the treadmill every once in a while and enjoy the movement and empowerment of getting healthy.

A Busy Lifestyle

The busy lives of women can often be an important factor that prevents females from exercising and working out as much as they’d like. But fitting a beneficial workout between children, jobs and spending time with family and friends is easier than it seems. Going to the gym and fitting in a quality workout doesn’t require hours at the gym. Instead, a good program can entail working out smarter rather than harder and longer. Setting up a consultation with Achieve Fitness can help reveal a simple, quality workout that can help women achieve goals without a complete upheaval of the other things that are important in life. Knowing what workouts and moves get results can be as simple as setting up a few personal training sessions and gaining easy know how of the process involved in achieving one’s goals. Contact us and sign up for a session today!

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