Fitness Muscle Injury - How Do I Prevent Workout Injuries?

By: Mike Singh

While the old adage 'No Pain, no gain' holds true when it comes to exercising especially while getting used to a new fitness regime, one should not ignore constant warning signs of pain.

It is normal to feel a little discomfort while exercising but it shouldn't leave you in severe pain.As muscles get actively used lactic acid,micro-tears and other physiological changes are bound to occur which indicate that fat is being burnt to form muscles.

But if one is experiencing continuous knee or joint soreness, back pain or neck aches it is always advisable to consult a physician.The main reason for such pain can be because our technique is incorrect, we possess a medical condition that we are not aware of or we are taking on too much exercise too soon.

One must always being an exercise routine with a warm-up. A workout should be tailored based on a persons age, individual differences,prior exercise routines and overall fitness levels.It is always advisable to do a few stretching exercises before actually beginning the work out as it makes the muscles warm and flexible. This way one can avoid strains and muscle pulls.

An ideal warm up should last at least 15 minutes and can include slow jogging in one place, jumping jacks to activate the cardio and lung systems followed by some slow stretching that help relax the muscles and get the joints in form. Warm ups that are too short can lead to severe stretched or torn cartilage that may take awhile to heal.

Do not get intimidated by quack trainers or friends who influence you into getting up and vigorously exercising just days after you have recovered from an injury,surgery or weakened condition. Although physical therapy sometimes involve exercises that might be a little discomforting, it is harmful to over exercise just a short period after recovering.

Although each of us wants to achieve our fitness goals it shouldn't come at a heavy price. By overdoing work outs and trying to prove we are 'mentally tough 'we are in fact doing more harm to our bodies than good by maximizing health and attaining a strong and fully toned body.

Before beginning a new routine,always make sure you are aware of the correct techniques.Incorrect technique is one of the most common causes of injury after short warm ups and over exercising. Do not be embarrassed to ask how a particular equipment works as everyone learns sometime or the other about it so there is nothing to feel awkward about.

Always be aware and conscious of your surroundings while exercising. It is very easy to lose balance on a treadmill, trip on a pavement while jogging or crash into an approaching car or bicycle if one is not aware.Pay close attention to surfaces so that you don't trip and have good reflexes.

Exercise however much you can without overdoing it because injuries caused by over working ones muscles may sometimes deter a person from exercising again.The key is to start with the levels you can handle and gradually increase your ability to do more.Your health and body will thus be benefited greatly.

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