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The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. Vince Lombardi

As many know, Lombardi is best remembered as head coach of the Green Bay Packers back in the sixties. But he was also a bit of a philosopher and got quoted often for his sayings that really could be applied to anything requiring growth. So, it is only appropriate to call on his wisdom when it comes to fitness.

Getting into fitness is simple. All it requires is a decision to eat right, supplement and workout out daily. But this is not easy for almost everyone. There seems to be one reason after another for making us quit, go back to old ways or erroneously deciding that we are just. not somehow cut out for a healthy lifestyle (genetic predisposition.) Nevertheless, some of us really do continue to try getting into it.

For those who do, Lombardi's words are most applicable. He stresses the primary importance of will. All of us have that : it is what gets us into action and then keeps us going afterward. Unless we are very ill or depressed, none of us are any different.

That is not as universally true when it comes knowledge and strength. Knowing all of the various ways to workout, or being up on all of the supplements and dietary in and outs are not as much a part of everyone. The same may be true for strength. It simply seems to not be there, especially if we are just now starting out for the first time ever. But we all do have will--will enough to be as involved in fitness as we are right now.

To Lombardi will was everything. That would hardly have been an easy thing for him to say as a champion football coach. Intelligence and strength are both important in first rate players. Champion teams can have no players who are lacking in either. Knowing what to do when is always important, and strength is necessary to not only get the ball across the goal line but also to keep up a winning intensity for the entire game.

Nevertheless, Vince stresses will. Why? Because it got his team going and keeps us going when everything else seems to say just take it easy or quit. Will is what gets us off of square one to try out that one more gluten-free recipe, cycle that extra mile, experiment with that new supplement. It is what drives onto those ends which every now and then we can see in our daydreams--that trim physique, that vibrant overall healthiness. Those are the things we want; and will is what makes us do what we must to attain them.

Knowledge is important as well, but it can be acquired as we go. Fitness is hardly rocket science. Granted, there may be a lot more nuances to it nowadays--ones made apparent because of the internet, but there still are only a few basics. The rest is merely a matter of fine-tuning the right things for us as particular individuals.That may take a considerable amount of trial and error, but it hardly requires a PhD. What it does require is persistence, which is just another way of saying will.

When it comes to strength, some is helpful; but power lifter-class is not. Fitness requires ongoing daily activity. The most common is jogging or running (something we can do even without a club membership) though the standard health club has a great assortment of weight machines along with bicycles and treadmills. These were for the most part all originally designed for people recovering from surgery. Therefore, being all-pro to start using them is hardly necessary. All that really needs to be done is to use them at a comfortable level every day without fail. That is a function of will and is sure to build strength over time.

Even though this all may be no more than common sense, many of us will still insist that we cannot get into a fitness lifestyle because of either a lack of strength or know how. That may seem unlikely in a day and age of handicapped Olympics and seemingly endless wellness options via internet access, but it still is true. We simply contrive endless excuses for not doing what we know we should. These are just part of the mental arsenal we let remain active against us.

In part we do this because of the numerous changes needed to make the switch from sedentary grocery store food normality to a fitness lifestyle. However, it is also be because we just do not want to be fit badly enough. That may be offensive to some, and with good reason. The standard American lifestyle is getting people into their nineties and that number seems to creep up a little every year. So maybe normal is not all that bad.

True, perhaps. But for those to look good by the time they get into their nineties , there should be some talk about desire. We need to know what will really get us going with a refusal to stop for anything or anyone. All of us know we have passions within us for some things, but far too many of us know that this is not there when it comes to gluten-free eating, supplement dosing and daily workouts. How can that be less so only when it comes to fitness?

The answer is different for each person, That is why we must all first look within to find out. That means turning off the cell phone, radio, TV and computer while being alone--like very early in the morning or late at night. Then all we have left is the voices in our heads. Seldom do these ever say anything very supportive, which is why we prefer all of the other noises in our environment.. But they have to be listened to in order that we can find a way of either ignoring them or satisfying their demands. Then and only then are we in a position to experience a greater desire for what we really want. Then and only then can we do something about it.

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