Fishing For Black Marlin Is A Great Excursion

By: Ben Pate

In terms of fishing, there are few species as prized as the black marlin. Originally known as Makaira indica the fish has been reclassified as Istiompax indica. Many people like to compare this fish to blue marlin fishing, when in reality it is more similar to the white marlin. The reason they reclassified the fish was so that it would be closer to the sailfish family. Regardless of its classification, the Black Marlin fishing remains on every fisherman's bucket list.

Physical Descriptions

Genetically compared to the striped/white marlin and the sailfish, the black marlin are more solid than their blue counterparts. They have a shorter bill and a rounder and lower dorsal fin. They are also the only marlin from the marlin family to have rigid pectoral fins that are unable to be pressed flat against their immense body. Blue Marlin fishing is just as fun as black marlin fishing.

What They Eat

What does the black marlin like to eat? Many things in the ocean will get feasted upon by this predatory species. It likes tuna, cuttlefish and pretty much any other fish it can get its mouth around. The menu for the black marlin is very big because of all the fish in the ocean that are smaller than it.

Full Moon Fishing

If you see that it is a full moon outside, you may want to consider grabbing your fishing pole. Many black marlins, and fish in general for that matter, are caught in the week after a full moon occurs. This is due to the fact that fish tend to migrate towards the water surface during this time because it is easier to find their food there.

Where To Find

In addition to the Australian coast, black marlin, can also be found throughout the tropical indo-pacific waters of the Pacific Ocean. They can also be found from southern California to the Gulf of California to Chile, and including the coast of all oceanic islands in between. They tend to stay in warmer waters and graze the surface. In addition to warmer waters, they also are found close to landmasses as opposed to wide open water ranges.

Fishing Tours

For the average fishermen it would be very hard to locate and catch one of these monstrous fish on your own. If you are serious about getting a black marlin, your best bet may be to hire an experienced fishing charter. They will be able to take you to where the fish are and give you the latest technology to improve your chances of landing one. Some black marlin can actually weigh up to 1,4000 pounds and grow to be fifteen feet in length. So, you may need some extra help reeling one of these fish on board. Surely, there is nothing more exciting in the world of fishing than catching a black marlin.

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Black Marlin fishing is one of the most adventurous things anyone can attempt. They offer one of the greatest challenges any fisherman can face. Compared to Blue Marlin fishing, going after black marlins is much more difficult. Due to so many people going after these fish, however, their numbers are dwindling.

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