Fireplace Heaters Millions of Home Owners Can Cut Their Energy Bills

By: David Plouffe

Fireplace blowers in 27 million properties could help to solve our energy utilization during the winter. Bold declaration I know, but mull over this, if we as a nation could boost the heating effectiveness of 27 million homes, it has got to make an impression. While the fireplace accessories industryis a good one, there are not even one million grates accessible. What if, always a wonderful query, these potential home owners, turned energy conservationist, reduced the quantity of electricity, coal or natural gas by as small as one or two percent?
What if the grid locked political organization could further the use of a green resource? Hardwood trees like oak, maple, hackberry are renewed every day in the normal scheme of things, what if we as a nation helped this source further along? Here in the western world, forward thinking is not one of our best attributes. We have a very short term way of looking at things, usually the next election. The government provides subsidies for all sorts of things. Why not transplant a tree to be more self sustaining for energy. There are countless idle acres that could be planted and in a not many years bring a continued supply of cord wood.
Would that not have an influence on the production of items that would have a effect on improved efficiency of burning wood? An aged business once strong, would be subjected to a rebirth. Fireplace inserts would become a common sight in new homes and be retro fitted into existing homes. Yes, while fireplace blowers are less effective, there reduced expense would make them available for most any house owner that would want one. Putting safety first, fireplace screens and hearth rugs would be a ordinary site in the home.
Other segments of the wood industry would have a upbeat expansion. Makers of log splitters, work gear for protection while cutting, chain saw manufactures and local retail and repair shops would boost the local tax foundation. This business would not be dominated by a couple of big firms. This truly would be small family unit run companies at its best. A coop effort could maintain lots of acres of hardwood plantings for a future money crop. I am not saying that we as a nation could warm all our residences with wood. That is not sensible. We, as a country, could with little effort, use an exsiting source and develop it to a more efficient use.

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Jim Dahlberg is the author/owner of Fireplace Accessories Plus. He has over 25 years commercial experience in the firewood industry. Fireplace Accessories Plus carries a wide selection from fireplace screen to fireplace rugs. View a selection of Fireplace Blowers here. A popular recommendation is the Spitfire Four Tube

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