Firearms for Sale: know your Responsibility

By: jackfuller21

A firearm is any weapon that launches a bullet or any other thing with a burning caused in the propellant or from what the bullet is fired. The cause of the burning in the propellant is the high friction caused due to the velocity with which the projectile is driven out. The origin of firearms is attributed to the discovery of the gunpowder. From being simple propellants, firearms have developed into highly technical and sophisticated weapons of defence, war and self preservation.

The free distribution of firearms and who should have access to these weapons has always been a point of debate. The main reason being the fatal incidents that firearms can be used for and the kind of damage they can result in. But, with certain regulations in place and laws regarding the ownership of firearms, their sale is now a highly regulated sector. We can always get firearms for sale. As buyers and sellers there are certain responsibilities that should be held in high regard. Since, wrong use of firearms can cause loss of life, all the sales are registered. Each firearm has a unique serial number and identification code. The buyer is issued a certificate with all firearm details. Also, all the details of sales of bullets is registered for the specific user.

Since, firearms are all uniquely registered it is easier to keep track of firearm owners and their usage. There firearm industry is highly regulated the world over. While firearms for sale are legally not easy to obtain, having them in your ownership with proper legal documentation is a good way to safeguard yourself from unscrupulous use. As a buyer, ensure that:-

• Have a license to use the firearm

• Have a justifiable reason to purchase one

• Have a safe or locker to store the firearm

• Children do not have easy access to your firearm, rather no access at all

• Use your judgment for use of firearm or whether you should carry it and when you should

As a seller, you should be responsible enough to see that:-

• The person you are making the sale to has a valid license for use of firearm

• Have a background check on whether he has had any criminal records

• Has the buyer ever bought another pair of gun? If yes, check the usage records

• Make sure all documentation is in place and no firearm for sale leaves your shop premised with all paper work and registration needs.

The social responsibility to safeguard the lives of people from firearm misuse is a collective duty. Hence, each party needs to own up and know their responsibilities.

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