Fine tuning pen testing for your network with a WEP key cracker

By: Jhoana_Cooper

If youíre managing 15 to 30 computers in a single network, then itís absolutely necessary for you to take pen testing efforts. This is another term for penetration testing, or vulnerability testing. Itís imperative for you to test your networkís vulnerability against harmful external forces. Pen testing systems which have a WEP Cracker also protect your network from other computers who may be trying to infiltrate your system. You need to make sure that your network blocks other computers if your want to keep your delicate documents private. Blocking outside access to your network also allows you to keep bandwidth use well within your network.

Benefits of pen testing with a WEP Cracker

Itís useless to depend on network penetration scanners alone. If youíre choosing a pen testing device, it should be one which has a WEP Cracker so you can test drive the effectiveness of the device. A password block is no longer enough, these days, because hackers can easily use a WEP Cracker of their own to access your system. It doesnít matter how complicated your passwords are, because once a WEP Cracker is at work, the hacker is bound to find a way to infiltrate your system.

You should purchase a penetration testing device which allows you to operate from any computer within the network. This device should require minimal or no installation. Also, you should make sure that itís highly compatible with your computersí OS. Penetration testing and blocking systems usually run well on Linux and Windows systems.

With the help of these penetration protection devices, you should be able to monitor all the incoming communications your network is experiencing. Your pen protection device should also give you a detailed list of all your computersí IP addresses. Once you notice an intruding accessing your network, whether itís just making use of your bandwidth, or accessing your shared files, boot it out of your system immediately. Good pen protection devices let you ban IP addresses that are not part of your network. This gives you a more permanent protection against hackers who use WEP cracks.

Using web content filters

Your network should also be installed with web content filters. This will help your penetration blocking systems operate more smoothly. Sometimes, the viral infections of your network are caused by people actually downloading malicious content into your system. Web content filters should allow you, as a network administrator, to block URLs that have harmful content.

Installing web content filters also let you manage your networkís bandwidth better. With the help of web content filters, you should be able to restrict other computers from downloading music, movies, or porn. This feature is especially useful in schools and offices where internet abuse is mostly abused. You can also employ this filter in your network at home, especially if you allow your children to use the internet.

Remember, as a parent of guardian of these children, you are morally responsible to protect them from things that could put their lives in danger. Many homes in the US have already installed web content filters and penetration testing devices to gain better control of their networks.

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Whether youíre managing computer at home or in the office, it would be foolish to run them online the use of pen testing device which makes use of a wep cracking.

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