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Scoliosis is a condition that involves an abnormal curve in the spine. In a normal spine, the curves run from front to back and when it is observed from the back, it will look straight. However, in a patient suffering from scoliosis, their spine will curve to one side and in some cases, both. The individual vertebra can also rotate in patients who have this condition.
What are the causes of scoliosis?
Studies have shown that about 85 percent of scoliosis is idiopathic. This means that the cause of it is not known. The causes of this condition may be functional or structural. Other causes include tumors, injury and birth defects.
What are the symptoms of scoliosis?
Scoliosis does not cause pain or limitations of movements. This is a major reason that it is overlooked so often. The signs that can be looked out for are shoulder blades that protrude, a tilted head that is not aligned to the hips, a hip or shoulder that is higher than the other side, an uneven neckline, etc. They can be corrected with the help of Scoliosis Surgery India.
Surgery for scoliosis in India
It is not hard to find the Best Hospital India where this type of surgery can be performed. All the major cities have hospitals that have state-of-the-art medical facilities and a well-trained and experienced staff. The surgeons that perform here are some of the world’s finest and experts in every type of surgery.
The most common type of surgical treatment for the disorder is Spine Fusion. This surgery involves the usage of stainless steel rods and hooks that are designed for this type of operation and a bone graft. To carefully straighten the spine, the rods are attached to the spine with the help of the hooks. Lastly, the bone grafts are put in place over the spine so that it is fused in a straight position.
With so many advancements being made in the field of medicine, there are many new non-invasive surgical techniques that can be used for patients who suffer from scoliosis. There are cutting edge procedures that are used nowadays with help straighten the patient’s spine so that they do not suffer from any complications.
This type of procedure can cost a lot in developed countries. This is the reason why many international patients flock to India. Advancements that have been made in the field of medicine can be found here and patients can be sure that they will get the best acre at an affordable price.
It is important to get surgical treatment for this disorder at the earliest. However, before doing so, it is vital that all the information on the patient’s health history and the particular case of scoliosis is gathered before recommending surgery. Nowadays, recovery time does not take long and patients can be out of the hospital in no time. To gather more information about this type of surgery, you can log on to

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