Finding a Scholarship for Nursing School


When you're ready to start your nursing career, you will need to go to school to get the proper training. But when you see the costs associated with the schooling, you may become a little hesitant to continue the process. School is expensive, that is true. There are, however, scholarships available to those that are dedicated to looking for them. Often, many of these scholarships go un-awarded because no one has attempted to apply. But with this information, you will know where to look to get your nursing education paid for.

Ask at the school

If you have a specific nursing program in mind, you may want to ask at the financial aid office of the school. Often scholarships are noted there and applications will be readily available. You can call the office when you begin to apply and retrieve an application. Even if there are no scholarships listed in the financial aid office, they can give you some direction as to where other students have been successful in finding money to pay for their education.

Local organizations

When you're a member of a local organization, you might want to check to see if they offer scholarships to their members or past members. Private corporations that support the healthcare industry, such as nursing uniform manufacturers often provide scholarships as a community service. You may also be able to apply for scholarships with your spouse's affiliations, as well. For example, those that are a member of a local union can often gain access to union member-only scholarships. If you belong to any organization, it never hurts to ask to see if you are eligible.

Web searches

Since more people than ever are getting on the internet to find information on everything, it's no wonder that you can find scholarship information for nursing schools there, too. Try typing in a general search for nursing school scholarships and begin your search there. You will often be directed to scholarship search sites that will give you access to hundreds of possibilities, so be ready to spend some time on the internet.

But while you may have access to a number of scholarships, you need to make sure that you're getting to valid websites that are providing you with good information. Some websites may try to charge you for the searches they do for you, but this really isn't necessary in most cases. You should be able to find listing for scholarships without having to pay a cent.


You can also head to the FAFSA website to apply for student loans and grants to help you with your nursing school costs. Often, you can also find legitimate scholarship resources there as well.

How to win the scholarship

But once you find all of these scholarship options, what do you do then? Here are some basic tips for making sure your application stands out among the rest:

  • Fill in all the information required

  • Watch the deadline for applications

  • Take your time writing any essays

  • Make sure you fit all of the qualifications

  • Fill in the proper contact information

  • Make sure your application is free of errors and misspellings

  • Be honest

When you're looking for nursing scholarships, you may find the search much easier than you thought it would be. With the current nursing shortage, many schools are offering scholarships to get more students into their programs. And even if you don't find a scholarship, many nursing jobs are reimbursing school costs when you sign a contract to stay with them for a number of years.

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