Finding The Best Badge Holder for the Job

By: Melissa Sequeira

Badge holders are important to most jobs today because it has become a crucial issue to monitor employees and make sure that people who pose as workers actually work for the business. With Homeland security and other security issues you will want a badge holder that supports a clear picture of each employee.

There are a variety of styles that badge holders come in and the most important aspects of choosing the right one is that it is easy to use, shows ID picture easily and is easy for the employee to use. Most badge holders come with a clip or a pin that attaches to the clothing.

The reason to purchase a badge holder is so that your ID can be prominently displayed on our person and you won't have to keep taking it out of a wallet or a pocket.

A few popular models of badge holders include:

Clear vinyl -- many people use this one because it is very affordable. It comes in a horizontal or vertical style and can be the size of a credit card or a little larger. You insert the ID badge from the top or the side and you clip it with a one hole clip and employees can purchase their own lanyard. They can hold small ID cards or Military models.

Color Coded -- color coded vinyl badge holders are a good idea if you need to color code groups for a workshop or meeting. They can be easily given to each participant for easy identification through the day. They come in a variety of sizes and can be found in both horizontal and vertical styles.

Soft Credential Wallets - for some employees a wallet type ID badge is good because it is functional for more than one situation. Employees can display their ID badge but also have a place to carry pens and business cards. There are several styles and colors to choose from.

Arm Band Badge Holders -- There are times when an individual is very busy and the name badge worn on the neck gets in the way. When this happens an armband badge holder could be exactly what will fit this need. Most come with a strap that will release it quickly so the id card can be removed from the arm quickly if necessary.

There are a variety of other types of card holders and choosing the right one will depend on your setting and how much security you need. As an example, a student who goes to a high school where they are required to show ID will have a different type of security than one who is in the Military and has to be identified at a distance.

Also, a badge holder for a convention is different (or can be different) than one that you use on a daily basis. A good idea is to have several so that you can choose them as you need to. A really good place to find a large variety of badge holders is ID Superstore. They have good quality badge holders at an affordable price.

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