Finding My Funny Valentine Lyrics for Your New Valentine’s Day Tradition

By: Vikram Kuamr

There are so many people who feel that Valentine’s day is overrated and most of them would love a non-traditional way to celebrate the love that they have for their better half. With that being said there are a ton of different creative ways in which you can use My Funny Valentine lyrics to be able to make the perfect new tradition begin.

Many ideas can be found for inspiring ways to spend time with those that you love as well as creative ways to give them the best possible gift. The best option for a lot of people who are going to be together for many years to come is to start a special project using my Valentine lyrics. There are a ton of different songs that you can find that feature these types of wording and that are considered to be popular songs for the holiday.

The new tradition that is considered to be a great one is one where you take one line from the song each year and find a creative way to represent that line. The first year you would pick out a gift or plan something to represent the line “my funny valentine,” the following year it would be “sweet comedic valentine.” The gift choices that you have for these are endless. You could take them to a comedy show or give them a book of jokes. You could take a year to write down the different funny things that happen in your life in a special journal and present that gift to them the following year. With a little creativity and the promise of doing a little work, there is so much that you can do that would make your holidays a memorable experience.

For lines like “unphotographable” you would have to get even more creative but it could still be fun all the same. You might find that this is a great year to gift your love a new camera or a special gift card to get photographs printed. You could heat things up by offering them a gift certificate to get some steamy photographs taken as well. My valentine lyrics are something that you can easily find and the creativity is going to rely on you to make things happen and think of something that is going to be a great gift for you to present.

Remember that gifts are almost always more special when they require more thought. There are different ways that you can think of something and make it an appreciated gift. If you do not want to get your partner involved you could personally make a gift from each line and continue in your own tradition with a little letter and copy of the lyrics the first year. You could explain that you plan on spending the rest of your life with them and that you wanted a gift that was going to grow with you each year and something that they could look forward to for years to come.

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