Finding Fun Ways to Travel With Children

By: Chloe Bilboa

Traveling with your children is a great way to have a fun family experience as well as teach them more about the world around them. However, many times traveling with kids can be cumbersome and trying. Here are some tips for making travel with your children as easy and as wonderful as possible.

One of the most important things that you can do is to get your kids involved with the planning of your vacation. The more input that they have into where you are going and what you are doing, the more fun they'll have and the more cooperative they'll be when it comes to doing some things that they don't want to do, such as visiting museums. If you are touring a certain area let them choose one of the towns to visit and let them plan the itinerary for that day.

Having spending money on their vacation is very important to children. If they know far enough ahead of time they can start to save and look forward to the trip. You can come up with extra chores to help them save even more money. You may find that your children will be even more helpful than usual around the house as they try hard to earn more money to spend!

Another thing you can do to help your children prepare for the vacation is to buy them some books or maps of the location you are traveling to. The more information they have about the area, the more they can look forward to seeing the sights and the more information they have about planning activities.

If you plan to travel to a country where another language is spoken, you may want to help your children prepare by learning a few phrases in the local language. Simple, common expressions, such as "please", "thank you", and "good morning" help the children learn the basics of the language, who knows, it could be a good practice for you too. Don't forget that children learn languages much more easily than adults, so don't be surprised if they quickly move on to more complex phrases and sentences.

Right before the vacation (one or two weeks), buy your children their own backpack to pack some of their favorite toys or other things to keep them busy on the trip. Some popular items to include are books, music, papers, pens, crayons and travel games. Allow the children to make some of the choices about what items are going in the backpack.

Older children may be past the toy stage, put a travel journal can be a great opportunity for them to write down details about the trip. Choose the type of journal that lets the child add pictures and other important mementos from the trip - they'll create a scrapbook that they can enjoy for years to come.

You might want to consider buying children of any age an inexpensive camera so that they can take their own pictures of what matters most to them while on vacation. Don't be a nag and dictate what pictures they can and cannot take. The point of the camera is to let your children bring back their own memories of their trip.

Always make sure that the hotel you're staying at is a family friendly hotel. If possible, stay at hotels or resorts that have a swimming pool. The pool is a great way for the kids (and adults) to unwind after a long day of traveling or sightseeing.

Traveling with children doesn't need to be an unpleasant experience. It can be quite easy to travel with kids as long as you take a little time to make some extra preparations. If you think about the details in advance you are sure to have the trip of a lifetime.

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