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By: Axel Price

Finding a job these days is not too easy, but there is an industry, where the jobs offer is quite wide. You need however the right qualification. This is about the IT industry. You can imagine how challenging such job can be and how demanding in the same time. Testing jobs can be as well quite rewarding if you consider the financial part. The software development is very important these days considering that the technology developed quite much and many people are using their computers along with the internet networks everyday for almost everything. This is the reason why you may be interested to know more about the most common testing interview questions and about the best manual testing interview questions.

If this is your purpose, you will find many interesting details about these types of jobs and about what you should expect from such interview in the following rows of this article. There are websites where you can find clear examples of testing interview questions. Like that you may feel more prepared when you are about to sustain such interview. Things like what is QTP, which are the benefits and the disadvantages of QTP, are the main questions. You may have to give environments examples and explain the importance of the object repositories. All these things can be found on the manual testing interview questions.

On these websites, you will find testing interview questions for various domains such as CCNA network interview questions, QA interview questions, SQL top interview questions and many other things as well. When it comes about the manual testing interview questions that you will need so you can prepare yourself, you can find them on these websites as well. You will be able to learn from these manuals, things like what is unit testing, what is a software testing life cycle, test results documentation and many other things.

These testing interview questions are not exactly the questions you will be asked at an eventual interview, but they are quite close. Considering that these questions are gathered from a wide number of people who sustained such interviews, they are quite objective. You will not only receive the questions. You will also receive the right answers to these questions. As you can see, these websites function as the manual testing interview questions do.

You will be able to read and learn in the same time considering that for these types of jobs, the experience is very important but also your knowledge in this field is just as important. You can impress these IT companies’ managers with your IT degrees but if you won’t be able to answer their questions, your degree means nothing. You must be prepared for these types of jobs, because extra working hours will become something normal in your life. If you are passionate about the IT world, you will be more than interested to obtain such job.

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In conclusion, if you want to obtain a tester job, you must be prepared for the testing interview questions. The manual testing interview questions will help you obtain what you want or at least increase your chances.

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