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By: David Coax

On arrival at the Dog Boarding Kennels by staff, each day all kennels and ground areas must be searched for any unusual material and the complex is of good security. Written on the board outside the office word “Clear”. Should any unusual material be found within the complex? Staff must inform the Kennel Manager immediately and no dogs are allowed to be bought out into the training areas or play areas.

Once the grounds are declared “Clear”, and are written on the board outside the office all staff are now aware that the kennels are safe and are of working order. Once staffs have observed the “Clear” on the board outside the office. Staff may commence cleaning, play and training duties. All gates to the kennels must be closed at all time and bolted at the end of the day by the kennel manager.

The allocated kennel manager is responsible for checking the kennels, pens, fencing, gates of the boarding kennels at the end of the day. When dogs are taken from the pens/ kennels, vehicles, through gates, into training areas, and play areas. The dog must be on a lead at all time. Dogs are no allowed to bring into the office area at any time.

At the Boarding Kennels there is no smoking policy whether in the kennels, office, play area or training grounds. The whole premise is a non smoking area. No unauthorised visitors are allowed in the kennel, play area or training grounds without approval from the kennel manager. No dogs are allowed to bring into kennels, training grounds, play area without first seeing the kennel manager.

All first aid, incidents of dogs and staff are to be bought to the attention of the kennel manager immediately. Any dog that requires veterinary assistance must notify the kennel manager immediately, the kennel manager will make appointments and transport of the dog to the vets. No staffs are allowed to book or take a dog to the vets unless it is for emergency reason.

All cleaning of kennels must use disinfectant, the training grounds and play area must be cleaned after each use by staff and dogs. On Tuesday and Fridays the office shall be cleaned. Wednesday all footpaths and walkways shall be cleaned. The jobs will be allocated by the kennel manager. All waste found in the kennels shall be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. If staffs enter an area that is padlocked they are to ensure upon departure of that area that the padlock is locked.

All staff will wear the uniform provided that is clean and pressed and are to conduct themselves in a manner that is professional, polite and friendly. Name badges are to be worn at all times, Shoes are to be of good repair and clean.

Dog training sheets and statistics will be filled in each day. These sheets are found on the door of the kennel. At the end of the dog boarding. Staff will return the sheets to the office staff.

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