Find out about Sensitive Skin Care for Aging Skin during the Summer Months

By: Sara Kitch

Summer is reminiscent of beaches and warmer weather. To survive some of the hot weather we start wearing shorter skirts, shorts and sleeveless shirts. This is a great change because it allows you to strut that great top you've been saving, however it also means that your skin is more exposed to the environmental factors.
If you have mature skin that is also sensitive, but still want to enjoy the pleasures of summer, then there are some precautionary measures that you should take. These tips can also help if you just have sensitive skin.
What Skin Care is apt for Aging Skin?
In summer, UV levels are at their highest, so one of the first precautionary measures you should take involved UV protection.
If you want to keep sensitive skin protected, use a sunscreen with at least an SPF30. However, before purchasing a sunscreen make sure that it does not contain irritating ingredients such as SLS, PABA, DEA, or propylene glycol. These ingredients may cause rashes as well as deposit toxins on your skin.
Recently, cosmetic companies that offer sunscreens are including ingredients to help wrinkle reduction as well. These new types of products are a great aging skin care strategy because they allow you to get several benefits without overloading your skin with too many products.
Take into account the following precautionary measures, as well.
*Don't wash your face more than necessary. Too much cleansing can make sensitive skin irritated and aging skin more brittle. Keep your cleansing routine to a minimum (twice a day).
When coming in after a long day out in the sun make sure to rinse off the sweat. Avoid exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation may cause unnecessary irritation during the summer.
*Moisturizers are a must-have product for any summertime skin care routine, especially for aging skin. For sensitive skin try natural oils like extra virgin olive oil, coconut or almond oil. These products will absorb quickly and give you a healthy glow.
If you're not inclined to using natural products then make sure that whatever product you do use is both alcohol and fragrance free. Both of these ingredients are irritating to sensitive skin.
Make sure that your skin is still damp when applying any. This way you maximize the effect of the product by helping lock moisture on your skin.
*Use a skin revitalizer cream at night. There are wonderful creams, such as those that contain Helix aspersa muller extract, that are not only a great moisturizer but also an excellent intensive treatment for wrinkles and age spots.

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