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By: Netgeek Mamun

It doesn't matter if you know the first thing or the last thing about office supply stores, what you should be interested in is the saving money aspect. The last thing you want to do is buy a couple grand worth of office supplies and office product only to realize that you wasted a few grand by shopping at brand name stores. You know how there are certain stores you shop at for certain products for your home or wardrobe? Well shopping for office supplies is the same way for me. I won't buy a $400 memory stick at brand shop, when I could just as easily buy it somewhere else for $150. That's not being frugal, that's being smart! That's like taking $250 and catching it on fire. Would you do that? Didn't think so! Then just click the and feel the difference.

Brand shop is good for things like video games, Cd's, etc. But for my office supplies and office product for my office, I go straight to the discount store, quick go now! Don't waste another second, check out the price differences at stores. They offer the same exact prices all the other name brand stores, do, all the same products, all the same quality, for a HUGE discount! Need some ink toner for your printer? I know how that stuff costs! Buy it at a discount store and expect to save some major money! How about a few desk, floor or ceiling lamps/lights? Easy! Printers, Desks, Chairs, Phones, Mounts, Pens, Paper? You name it, they have it! Check this very small example list out:

Office supplies – Ring-binder, Calendars, Cutting and Measure Devices, Desk Accessories, Folders, Labels, Stamps, Office Accessories, Paper and Printable Media, Staplers, Tape, Composition and Correction Supplies.

Technology – Audio Visual Equipment, Cables Adapters And Power Products, Computer Components, Imaging Provisions, Office Machines, Computer Storage media.

Break room & Janitorial – Facility Maintenance, Fans, Heaters, First Aid Supplies, Carts, Hygiene Products, Safety Device and Hygienic Wear, Paper Towels, Tissues, Waste Baskets and Garbage Bags.

Furniture – Cabinets, Racks, Shelves, Pushcarts and Stands, Chairs and Sofas, Desks and Workstations, Tables etc.

The most I have ever saved myself at store was $600. I had just started my home business, and I was looking for a really nice desk for my home office. I knew I wanted and needed a desk that was efficient, stable, nice quality, and something that I could count on to keep up with me. I knew I also needed a chair as soon as possible. I was checking out places, but all these large desks were incredibly expensive. Yea the quality was outstanding, but I knew there had to be another choice. So I went where I always go and that is when I have a question, Google! Okay find me some discount name brand office equipment. If you're in the need for some new equipment, supplies, office product or anything else for your office, do yourself a personal favor and check site out, before taking any large leap into the "other" stores. You could potentially save yourself a pretty large amount of money! Good luck!

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