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Life on the earth is continuing due to occurrence of Luminaries in our Solar System - almighty Sun and peaceful cool Moon. Indian astrology basically depends upon the sun signs and the moon signs, which play main function in providing the right prediction about any particular zodiac sign. It is a science which has its supremacy for centuries and its meaning in the lives has not decreased at all. Astrology and a good astrologer give appropriate guidance and help in making life much smoother with the power to handle problems. Astrologically speaking, Moon denotes the mind and touching power in human beings. She is Mann (feelings) which acts very essential role in the life of people in maintaining stable relationships with each others. Sun governs Soul and Moon rules emotions and feelings.

Vaastu Shastra is a development branch of Astrology for building science and architecture. The word “Vaastu” means dwelling place where you live. You might have experienced that shifting to a new house affects several parts of your life, either positively or adversely. If you are always surrounded by tensions and other negativities in life, then it is time to seek the advice of a Vastu consultant. With the help of the astrological one can find solutions so that the harshness of bad control of planets gets minimized. Its meaning can be found in many cultures. People carry out the art of astrological readings in their daily lives, and base essential decisions on this science.
In the Western world, it has turned into more accepted as a type of entertainment. Horoscope based on sun signs are available in most major newspapers and magazines across the United States.

The astrologer studies the position of stars and with the help of mantras, Vaastu, birthstone and gemstones they provide remedies to the problems one is likely to face as per the stars and their position. As per the kind of problems in marriage, education, career, relationships etc. they suggest the use of stones to overcome of these problems. Keeping all these things in mind the effects that the Birthstones have on a person are highly helpful and give him the solution and also the power to face the adversities of life. It only tells us how to get better our present life by doing good karma. It is the answer of the ‘why’ many people asks themselves. It can help us to learn the lessons with the minimum of trouble and tells us how to decrease confusion and increase clarity.

Astrology is comprehensible to all of us. It covers all the spheres of human being survival. It is the origin of psychology, healing and all additional helpful sources. It does not bias for any race, religion, gender, culture or nationality. It supports all the current branches of science and even those who don’t believe in it. It is just like a tool for predicting the future. It is the coordination connecting the past, present and the future. It does not articulate any judgement. Just like nature, it does not create any good or bad effects. It just tells what was, what is, and what can be.

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