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By: Anastasia Moore

Is this not the first time you have undergone a divorce in Maryland? Perhaps you had two, maybe three broken marriages before. During your divorce proceedings, were you always burned because your divorce attorney is not aggressive enough to fight for your interests? Well, what are you still waiting for? Ditch that incompetent fiasco. You do not have to jeopardize your chances of winning over this current divorce because your divorce attorney does not know how to fight. I am sure you are already sick of losing everything to your ex-husband. You deserve to have something good out of a horrible marriage too.

Perhaps you have something worth fighting for in this divorce. Perhaps you want to have that property that your soon-to-be-ex-husband wants for himself too. Perhaps you badly want the custody of your child. Perhaps you are just tired of not fighting back. Whatever your reason is, I believe it is heavy enough for you not to stay with your present divorce attorney. In most cases, new is always better. In your case, it will be a definite improvement. However, if your behavior in selecting an attorney is still like that behavior you had before, then it is time for a change in perspective and searching methods.

You have to stop thinking that all lawyers and attorneys are same. Every attorney has different capabilities, some significantly higher than the others. Your present attorney is probably at the lower steps of the ladder. Now is the time to go a step up or two. You have to find a divorce attorney with higher capabilities, the one you can trust to win your arguments for you. One way to find good divorce lawyers is through looking at their law firms first. Reputable law firms are not talked about because they have mediocre attorneys.

You can start by asking around. Ask your friends. Ask the friends of your friends. You can also consult the Internet if you want to find possible law firms on your own. Most law firms already have websites nowadays. The best way to know if a certain divorce attorney is the one you need to handle your case, you have to look at his or her past cases first. If his or her cases have similar arguments and points with yours, then take the earliest opportunity to schedule an appointment with that divorce attorney.

See? Changing attorneys is not that hard. You just need, firsthand, enough gumption to deal with your present divorce attorney. After you have gotten rid of him or her, do your best to make your search worthwhile. Take every support you can get—from your family, from your friends, even from your colleagues. You also have to make sure that you will not make the same mistakes you had with your present attorney. Take your time in selecting your candidates, and choose the best of the lot. Of course, you will have to choose the best. However, if you cannot afford the best, perhaps you will still be in good hands when you settle for the second best--just as long as he or she is completely different from your present attorney.

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