Find Out What Is A Personal Clash Day

By: Henry KH Fong

What Is A Personal Clash Day? A personal clash day is any day in which the animal sign of the day conflicts you the animal symbol of your birth year. This is determined by the 12 year zodiac cycle which is widely used by the Chinese.

These personal clash days are said to be unlucky and they say that you always use caution and avoid certain activities such as moving, starting business, and getting married. Basically any activity that you may need luck for should be avoided at all costs on your personal conflict days. Days in which are normally considered unlucky, such as the Month Breaker, could possibly mean double the bad luck and you should watch for combinations such as this.

As with everything there is balance. You have as many lucky days as unlucky. It is said though, that you should avoid these activities even on your lucky days if it also falls on a personal clash day. There are many tools and charts you can use to identify these specific days.

The animals that are in conflicts are as listed here: the tiger and the monkey, the rat and the horse, the rooster and the rabbit, the ox and the goat, the dog and the dragon, and lastly the snake and the pig. Each of these animals corresponds to a year and once all 12 are used then the cycle starts over.

This does not just apply to years but months and days as well. That is where the personal clash day comes in. If it is the day of the dog and you were born in the year of the dragon then you could be in for very bad luck.

More information on this and many other forms of date selection is available on many internet sites, One thing they all seem to have in common is that they take the personal clash day very seriously. People around the world take things like this very seriously and even if you are not a believer then you should be aware of others customs especially if you may do business with someone who does.

The 10,000 years calendar is a device by which the Chinese determine what animal belongs to what year and so forth. You can use this to determine when you personal clash days are and find the animal sign for each year, month, and day.

Getting this information is simple and quick. Isn't it worth a few minutes of your time to know weather or not things may go very badly for you?

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