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By: Stella Trestrian

Hardly any people enjoy visiting a dentist. However, when we suffer from any teeth or gum problem or need a root canal or crown or any complicated oral surgery, we need to trust our dental specialist.

Now, what happens when you are treated in a wrong way while you are reclined in that chair of your dentist's chamber or if you suffer any loss due to the negligence of the dental expert? These are few instances when you become a victim of dental malpractice. Like all other medical professionals, dentists also have a huge amount of liability while they are diagnosing any patient. Even a minor error could make them face a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Dental malpractice takes place when the treatment offered by the dental care professionals fails to meet the acceptable standard of care causing serious personal injuries to the patients. It can be best defined as a form of negligence causing damage to patient's health. Now, most of the time patients fail to realize that whether they are an actual victim of dental malpractice or not?

Here we have provided some common errors committed by the dentists that will help you to secure potential compensation that you deserve by litigating a lawsuit against your dental care service provider:

Error while treating the patient: An error committed during the treatment is one of the most common causes of dental malpractice. For instance, to restore the missing tooth of a person, dentists often take help of the procedure of dental implantation. However, this technique is only suitable for persons having strong jawbone. If the dentist put dental implants on a patient with poor jawbone structure, it will cause serious damage. Now, this is a major error that can lead to a dental malpractice lawsuit. Not only implant, faulty crowns, root canals, dental bridges or veneers causing infections or injury to the jaw, teeth or gum will make you eligible to claim compensation from your dental expert.

Not implementing proper techniques: Failure of your dentist to implement proper technique to treat your ailing dental condition can also result in a malpractice lawsuit. Dental experts who are not properly trained often commit this kind of error causing serious dental damage and painful injury. A dentist should inform his patient regarding the treatment he or she will be undergoing and the benefits and risks associated with the technique.

Failing to refer to a specialist: It may happen that your dentist does not have required expertise in the specific process of dental restoration that you require. In such case he should refer you to a proper specialist so that you can undergo suitable treatment procedure. You could seek compensation if your dentist fails to do so and you suffer damage as a result of his negligence.

Not following up with the treatment: After a dental procedure is completed, it is the duty of the dental professionals to schedule a follow up to ensure that the patient has no more issues with his oral health. Not scheduling a follow up is another mistake that can make a dentist face malpractice lawsuit.

Some more errors that will let you claim hefty settlement:

  • Failure of the dentist to take into account the medical history of the patient.

  • Permanent damage of the tongue nerve while performing any oral surgery causing numbness.

  • Unnecessary extraction of multiple teeth or extraction of a wrong tooth.

  • Implementing improper tooth restoration process causing loss of tooth.

  • Improper execution of dental anesthesia leading to serious complications or even death.

  • Failing to diagnose oral cancer, periodontal disease or any other diseases.

  • Oral infections or gum disease.

  • Medication error.

Should you contact a lawyer about your dental malpractice issue?

If you or your near one has been a victim of dental malpractice, it is always recommended to seek the service of an experienced dental malpractice lawyer. An expert lawyer will find out the merits of your case effectively to boost your eligibility for claiming a full and fair compensation.

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