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By: David Arnold Livingston

Every one of us has that special something that has been in the family for as long as we can remember. It could be an antique jar, a vase, or whatever. As far as we know they have been handed down from generation to generation waiting there patiently for the day that an auction decides how much itís really worth.

Valuable items such as collectibles, antiques, and rare objects like heirlooms are a part of a countryís culture. They tell us what kind of people a certain place has and what kind lifestyle they had. These valuables are often times overlooked because of the influx of technology.

But one thing remains certain, they are constantly being sought after by people who understand and value these items. People who look at it as a very important part of the story a certain family has to tell and the lifestyle they are projecting. Most of these items are locked away in a cold and dark corner waiting for the day they can once again be part of a family's heritage.

The good thing about having a lot of these rare collectibles is that they tend to get more and more expensive as the years pass, because they arenít just good to look at. They are part of history and the part of the culture. And the good thing about it is if these items are kept in mint condition, they can benefit the people taking care of them with monetary rewards. One good place to know just how much value there is in taking care of things of the old, are events like an auction.

In an auction, people who really understand and have a deep appreciation for valuable and rare things come together to translate into monetary considerations the effort of people taking good care of things of the past and other memorabilia of the past generations. In an auction people that know what they want put up a very fierce contention for things they are sure to cost them a lifetime to get. Paintings and art pieces of master artists are sold for millions and millions because the people bidding for it know that after the auction, it will be priceless. And priceless is a word that can easily be negotiated.

There are a lot of benefits that can be derived from an auction, and both the person with the rare item and the treasure hunter of sorts can see it, especially when the stakes are getting higher at every bid. Owners that bring their rare collectibles and antiques to an auction are rewarded for their diligence in taking care of the items.

An auction can be very good to a person that knows how to take care of his paintings of great contemporary artists because these are the top sellers in any auction. People who bring in previously hard to find items are rewarded by the auctioneers with persistence and lots of money.

Meanwhile, people who seek to complete their collections of Van Gogh paintings flock to an auction in the hopes that his own collection would be complete and they themselvescan put up an auction and try to sell their hard work to other people. These treasure hunters are the modern day Indiana Jones that seek to recover the works of an almost forgotten time. The completion of a collection is like their lifetime achievement.

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