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By: David T.

Many patients, ranging in age from their 20s to 50s, are considering laser eye surgery so that they too can experience perfect vision. Patients who have undergone corrective procedures, like Lasik eye surgery, will admit that the journey to clear sight is filled with excitement and anxiety. Many assume that the day of surgery is the most stressful time of the procedure; however, patients often report that the most stressful time associated with Lasik surgery actually occurs before you even set the date for your procedure!

The search for a laser eye center and a trustworthy, capable Lasik surgeon can be a difficult time for many patients. The majority of us have never "shopped" for medical services, and have relied on our location or insurance plans to send us to a doctor's office. Because Lasik is an elective surgery, it is often not covered or restricted by insurance plans, leaving patients with more freedom in the hunt for a practice. This freedom, however, leaves patients with many options to consider, and many of us have no clear plan for evaluation. The problem becomes even more tricky as we discover that there is a distinct lack of objective information available for many laser eye centers. Patients may have trouble finding the actual outcome statistics, complication rates, and even detailed price listings for many of the lasik surgeons in their area!

There are, however, several metrics that patients can take into consideration when they are selecting a surgeon to perform their laser eye surgery or Lasik procedure.

Location: The easiest aspect to consider about a practice is its location. Most patients are better served by selecting a laser eye center that is close to their home, within 30 miles. With the abundance of laser eye center and lasik surgeons, especially near larger cities such as Raleigh, NC, patients should have no trouble locating a skilled medical professional that is convenient to home. Convenience is important for these procedures, not only because you will need to have several pre-operation and post-operation visits, but also because you will not be able to drive yourself home after your Lasik surgery.

Experience: It seems obvious to many patients that it is better to have a surgeon who has experience performing laser eye surgery. Studies have shown that experienced surgeons have much lower complication rates than surgeons who have performed less procedures. These studies suggest that "experienced" Lasik surgeons have performed more than 1000 laser eye surgeries. When evaluating these statistics, be skeptical. Many surgeons will include other vision procedures, such as cataract surgeries, in their count.

Financing: Budget should not be the first thing that you evaluate when seeking a medical professional, but it will certainly effect your final decision. Remember that you often get what you pay for, and with you will want to be extremely careful with your delicate eyes. While you may consider the surgeon that is offering the cheapest rates, the price should not be the only metric that affects your decision. You will also want to be careful when a laser eye center's pricing structure. Be sure to ask the costs associated with pre-op and post-op visits, as well as the price for any enhancements that may be needed.

Comfort: This is likely the most important factor to prospective patients. Surgery, even those as quick and painless as Lasik, can inspire fear and nervousness in patients. If you are comfortable with your Lasik surgeon and his or her team, your vision correction experience will go more smoothly and ultimately be more satisfying. When you are evaluating a practice, consider not only the reception area but also the attitude of the people that will be working with you. Is the staff friendly and helpful? Did the surgeon take time to answer your questions and address your concerns? If your evaluation felt personal and relaxing, you can expect a similar pace on the day of your surgery.

When you are seeking a doctor for your vision correction procedure, you will discover that finding a Lasik surgeon is as simple as turning to Google. However, finding the ophthalmologist that is right for you can be difficult and time consuming. During your search, you should remember to take your time evaluating your options. Carefully consider each practice and how well they meet your individual needs.

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