Financing an RV-Tips from the Experts

By: Seth McCash..

Financing an RV is one of the most common ways to purchase an RV. As more and more people are entering the recreational vehicle lifestyle it is natural that financing an RV has become a much more competitive business.

Dealerships, banks, credit unions, and RV online lenders all compete within this industry. The choice is yours as to where you go to find the financing, but you may wonder what the differences are between these companies, their loan packages, and what their services offer. We listed some tips in hopes that you may take this information and apply it to your loan search.

Tip #1: Do your homework! Research every avenue relative to financing an RV. Look on the internet, ask a friend or colleague for recommendations for dealers and lenders, talk to an RV lender. These are all beneficial things to do when gathering knowledge about financing an RV. The more you find out, the more information you will have to make the best decisions possible, such as where to get lending, how much you need, and how to apply.

Tip #2: Make a financial analysis. Calculate your net income by subtracting your expenses from your income. Decide on a comfortable amount you would like to pay for an RV. You may have to adjust your spending in order to make this happen, but committing to your budget will give you peace of mind.

To help you with this exercise, go to and click through their links to find an online loan calculator. There are boxes where you can enter a down payment amount, monthly payment, loan duration, and interest rate and when 'enter' is pressed the calculator will return the total amount you can spend on an RV. Having a down payment is especially important because it not only helps the loan process, but you can often qualify for lower interest rates.

Tip #3: New or Used? Financing an RV that is used is different than financing one that is new, so be sure to contact a lender can fill you in on the details. It is helpful to know that if you are purchasing a used motor home, buying one that is less than 5 years old is best. With newer RV's, you won't be required to have it inspected and it will have less maintenance costs attached.

Tip #4: Applying for financing an RV is much like applying for any other type of financing. You will need to have all of your financial information handy and you want the best interest rate and length of financing possible. If your credit is good you should expect a better loan package than if your credit is less than perfect, but even with poor credit there are lenders who are willing to give you a chance with an RV loan.

Tip #5: Continue the Research. Before you sign, read through the documents, ask thorough questions, and be an informed buyer. You must know all the specifics before you make the document official. This will ensure that you are making the right decision for you. If you have questions, visit Get RV Financing's web site where they offer links and resources to answer questions and provide relative articles.

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