Final Fantasy Accounts Fantasy For The Internet Reseller

By: Jason Wheeler

Ever since Final Fantasy launched its online concept of strategic gaming and of creating FFXI accounts, internet resellers worldwide have sold eve characters with hundreds of different characters and levels. The best part is that they can be transported to your server. Your local server!!!!! And at any time of the day or the night you will find Three thousand FFXI accounts active over the internet. There is action 24 Hours a day 7 Days a week! These accounts are purchased by resellers from people who made them (normally residing from the USA & Europe and resold to people who want to play.

You can customize your FFXI account the way you like to play it and with the aid of numerous companies that have come up you can relocate your account to any server that you wish to or securely transfer your FFXI account. With the several characters that are available online from levels 55 to 80 and with a guarantee that there are nearly 3000 accounts that are active almost through out the day gaming could never get more interesting. Your FFXI account is far more advanced than the regular 20 MMO Games (Massively Multiplayer Online Game). With an automated system program that does all the verification of your FFXI account and the features that you have purchased, your FFXI account is double checked and given to you (what more could one ask for!!!!) This is effective as soon as you have paid for your account.

FFXI accounts come with a guarantee. As long as it was the fault of the internet reseller in any situation whatsoever - whether it was a promotion or receiving a new account the internet reseller is responsible for it and the customer is not charged any additional cost. The FFXI accounts lasts for a life time. Most of the time there are automated computer programs that do the checking once you have paid for the FFXI accounts but in certain cases the automated programs for checking fail and in such cases you would have to contact the support team through chat (Well there are other means of contacting too - through phone or mail but this is just a cost-free, quick option that will finish off all the formalities once and for all). The program which takes a few minutes over here might take a little more extra time than the usual, but at the end of it is worth the FFXI account that you are paying for.

Among the various accounts that one can chose from, based on your taste as well as your budget and of course the amount of time that you will spend in playing, there are FFXI accounts to cater to every type of individual. Some of these FFXI accounts are Preplayed, Preplayed Transferable, Preplayed transferred to pending new accounts, Preplayed Transferred to a brand new FFXI account. There are some other extra features that you could use such as the Original secure power leveling, power leveling 2.0 and the escort services. To be on the safer side it is better to purchase your FFXI accounts from a reliable US company this is because most of the foreign countries that provide this service are likely to shut down, so why risk at all…….? The CD serials, Mailing addresses, Secret Passwords, the names of the account birthdays and much more are available in your FFXI account. Moreover support is always available from the website.

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