Figuring out the Overall Cost of Your Orlando Roof Repair Project

By: Emma Phillips

A roof replacement project that's so inexpensive that the owner of the house didn't demand a cost approximation is an extremely rare sight. This is because astounding amounts of money are normally included in nearly all remodeling projects like roof replacement. If you will not look at a precise estimate of the possible costs, there are odds that you'll end up losing money before the project begins.

Here are a few convenient tips on effectively calculating the total cost of a roof replacement project. It does not have to be complicated like what engineers generally do provided that the principle arithmetic is correctly employed. Start with measuring the roof's area that you are planning to replace, including the fascia board and gutter that may be affected by the dismantling. The area of an average roof is around one-half more than the floor area of a house, which means a house with 1,000 square-foot floor commonly has a 1,500 square-foot roof.

The pitch carries a major effect on the roof's area, and ultimately on the overall cost of the roof replacement project. Gable-type roofs that come with a tall pitch are more expensive because they take up more materials and require greater labor. You must learn about the standard pitch of a roof to minimize the costs.

The complexity and shape of the roof structure also impact the overall replacement cost. Dormer-type homes with various sets of roofing have a bigger roof area than single gable-type roofing. Make sure to measure the surface area of all gables to accurately calculate the roof replacement cost.

Roofing contractors Orlando and other developing cities in the country employ usually dismantle the existing roofing for the replacement - an additional cost to the project. According to the condition of the roofing, you, as the owner, may also decide to have the roof covered with the new material without having to dismantle the old one. This can help you save money and will provide stronger and more indestructible roofing.

Estimate the quantity of roofing materials required to cover up the area of the roof by dividing the roof area by 100 and multiplying the outcome by the price of each pack of roofing supplies. For every 100 square-foot, 3 bundles of shingles are normally necessary. An Orlando roofing contractor would generally add in ten percent to the total number of roofing materials for waste.

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