Fight Nursing Scrub Boredom With Color

By: Sarah Carlye

Most medical professionals have to wear scrubs to work every day. Over the course of time in the medical field, most employees have probably grown quite tired of wearing nursing scrubs. Fortunately, today’s scrubs are much more fashionable than they use to be. Not only are there more styles to choose from but there are also more colors and patterns too. There are also name brands that have branched out into designing medical uniforms and scrubs. Put all this together and it should make it a little easier to fight nursing scrub boredom when you have to wear scrubs day in and day out.

Some medical professionals are lucky enough to get to choose what color of scrubs they want to wear today. Currently there are a lot of different colors that you can choose from. You simply need to know what style you like to portray. For instance, some people may want to wear a leopard print while others may wish to wear something that isn’t as loud, such as polka dot pattern or a flowered design. Even if these patterns don’t seem like something that you would like to wear, you should know that there are also paisley and butterfly patterns as well. Designs can be in bright colors or pastels. Regardless of what your style is you can rest assured that there is something available for you to choose from the next time you are purchasing patterned scrubs. If you don’t like to wear patterns, there are also a lot of solid colors to choose from as well. There are endless choices for colors that include:

• Coral
• Turquoise
• Light blue
• Yellow
• Eggplant

Some of the nursing scrubs that you can buy even have detailed trim and stitching available. For instance, you can purchase a pair of brown scrubs that have pink trim or you could purchase a pair of scrubs that have a ruffle trim or a mock wrap neck. If this is a little too fancy for you, then you may wish to purchase a pair of scrubs that have a simple, empire waist.

Whenever you are shopping for scrubs pants you will notice that there are a lot of different styles available for you to choose from here as well. This is great for people who don’t like how they looked in traditional elastic waist scrubs because they now have some more options to choose from. Some styles of pants include the following styles:

• Boot cut pants
• Flare leg pants
• Drawstring pants
• Cargo pants
• Blue jean styled pants

Anyone who wants a unique set of scrubs should take some time to look around. You may be surprised by what you find is available today. No longer do you have only a few stores that you can shop from either. Now there are numerous places from which you can your scrubs so you are sure to find the pattern and style that will suit your needs at affordable prices. There are retail shops, uniform stores, and a variety of websites that sell medical uniforms and scrubs in a wide range of colors, designs, sizes, and prices.

When choosing nursing scrub colors and designs, choose medical uniforms that match so that you can increase your options by mixing and matching your scrub tops and scrub pants. Once you are ready to wear your new scrubs to work, make sure that you actually mix and match the pieces instead of getting comfortable with the same outfit day in and day out. You can also mix and match the style of your shirt and the style of your pants in addition to the colors and prints. This will give you a lot more options to choose from whenever you look through your closet while you are getting dressed each for work each day. Variety is a great way to fight off nursing scrub boredom.

To find a large variety of nursing scrubs to choose from when you buy nursing scrubs, go to You will not only find lots of colors, prints, and styles to add to your nursing uniform wardrobe, you will find name brand uniforms like Baby Phat and Cherokee.

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