Few Tips on Choosing Boston Movers and Storage Facilities

By: Oded Carmi

A highly qualified Boston moving companies are insured, offer competitive pricing, and simplify relocation tremendously. With the right moving company and a few simple precautions, a move can go off without a hitch. Additionally, Boston storage companies offer decent rates for any storage needs. With proper packing, belongings are less likely to become damaged. Planning will make a move to Boston more affordable and less stressful.

Choosing Boston Movers

When choosing the appropriate Boston moving company, it is important to pay attention to their history in the customer service industry. Online reviews and ratings give you easy access to everyday assessments of a mover's ability to perform. Choosing from the top rated and a trusted moving company typically pays off during the moving process.

Rates for Boston Movers

Rates for Boston moving companies vary; getting several quotes and paying attention to pricing options helps reach the fairest price. There are a lot of factors to remember when trying to decide which quote is actually the best.

 Average hourly cost is $90.
 Hourly costs can be as low as $50, but the cheapest option isn't always the best option.
 Some Boston movers offer a flat rate; be sure to ask about this.
 Sometimes, flat rates are applied to the first few hours, and additional work is charged hourly.
 Always calculate the tip into the quote yourself; $20 per laborer is typically considered an appropriate tip.

Requirements for Boston Movers

After finding a Boston moving company, there are a few details that require your attention. Your movers may handle these issues themselves, but it is always best to check on them just in case.

 Your mover must be insured. Most housing buildings in Boston require a Certificate of Insurance before movers can begin working. This protects your from costs for any possible property damages, which includes your personal property.
 Parking permits are a must; without a parking permit, your movers might get ticketed, which will most likely be added to your bill.
 If yours new location has an elevator, check with property management about reserving this for the move. This keeps your new property manager in the loop, keeps movers happy, and keeps possible hang-ups from slowing down progress. Remember that you will most likely be paying per hour; any hang-ups can lead to a higher bill.

Choosing Boston Storage Facilities

If you need storage when moving to Boston, there are plenty of Boston storage companies. Locate several within a reasonable range from your new relocation, research their history with customers, and choose based on security and pricing.

Rates for Boston Storage Facilities

Rates can vary, but typically when renting a Boston storage unit, you can expect to pay around $50 a month for a 35 square foot room.

 A 35 square foot room is about the size of the typical secondary bedroom.
 Additional storage might have slight discounts, but the prices remain close to the same.
 While many Boston storage companies have plenty of unit vacancies, having an idea of your storage needs might help you avoid complications during your move.
 Remember that your movers will likely be charging an hourly rate; saving yourself from hang-ups ahead of time saves you money when the bill is handed to you.

Taking Care of Your Belongings

When storing your belongings in a storage unit, it is beneficial to use proper packing methods.

 Movers typically require sturdy, stackable boxes to move your goods. These will better protect your items in the storage unit.
 Use bubble wrap for fragile like glass and porcelain. Paper breaks down much quicker and offers a lot less protect. Also, bubble wrap is clear and offers quick identification when you need to find something in your unit.

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