Few Things You Should Know About Contact Lenses

By: Amuro Wesley

Studies have shown that around 100 million people from all over the world are now wearing contact lenses rather than glasses. They are very popular especially among young people. Especially daily disposable ones.

So why do they prefer contact lenses?

The reasons are pretty obvious. Looking in the mirror, they found themselves looking better with contact lenses than with glasses.By looking good, they naturally become more confidence meeting their friends and dating without worrying any negative comments made about them.

Another reason that determines people to wear contact lenses is the cosmetic one. There are plenty of decorative contact lenses that can change the eye’s appearance.

There are also people wearing due to certain sports which they cannot play with glasses. Such as soccer and basketball which involves a lot of running, getting the ball and tackling opponents.

There are people who are forced to wear contact lenses for therapeutic reasons. In their case, the contact lens is not an option but simply a bandage in the healing process of different diseases or injuries of the cornea.

There is also a combination between the two reasons - colour lenses with correction power which actually please a lot of persons.

The first contact lenses were made of glass. After that, new types appeared. Such as those made of Plexiglas and the rigid gas permeable ones.

But nowadays, the soft contact lens is the most appreciated. Modern materials include silicon hydrogel or other plastic polymers like etalficon, galyficon and senofilcon A which are widely used in the fabrication of Acuvue contact lenses.

For people with dry eyes, rigid gas permeable contact lenses are usually recommended as they do not contain water which could evaporate during the wearing.

If you decide to wear contact lenses, you first have to go to an ophthalmologist whatever your reason may be. That way through doctor’s consultation, you should have an easier time deciding which lenses fits you best.

Daily disposable lens are safer as they have a much lower risk of infection. They do not require cleaning since they can only be used once. They also help you to save money on cleaning or storage solutions.

One of the most popular contact lenses is Acuvue. It is produced by Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary called Vistakon Company. They provide both vision and esthetical contact lenses.

The quality of contact lens is very important. Low-quality could damage the eye, causing irritations to the eyelid or cornea

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