Few Secrets of making sale generating sales letter

By: Chaudhry

In this article the author is going to share with you about how to write mouth- watering sales copy that will make your customers to take out the wallets, yank out their credit card and buy your product. You see, I like to surf the web and do my research the whole day, while am browsing, I see many poorly written sales pages. To be honest with you, you can do all the marketing research and create the ultimate product, but if your sales page is weak or poorly written, nobody will buy from you.

So, in today’s post, I’m going to reveal the insider secret of creating a killer sales letter. I can guarantee that if you implement what I share in this post into your sales page, not just you will get more customers but you’ll get even more sales. Sound great? Good! Let’s start the ball rolling”¦

Below are the nine elements of any world class sales letter:

The first and is your headline. I cannot emphasize this enough. If you’re like those lazy marketers, you’ll simply put up a headline as an afterthought after you finished the sales letter. You see, this will straight away kill your ad!

Always remember the purpose of your headline is to get attention of your target audience when they first reach your sales page and get them to read your sales letter. You must understand that everyone, including me has a million things going through the mind, like when to finish the work, project deadline to meet and many more that anyone can think of. You see, I know and understand this, that is why the headline has to cut through all the clutter, grab the prospect lapels and entice them to read.

For excellent examples of powerful and terrific headline, check out the following site: SuccessDoctor.com

This is master copywriter Michel Fortin’s web site. Scroll down and click to see some of his master work. The opening

This is where many marketers and writers really screw up. They give a long boring introduction at the beginning of the sales letter, as if they are giving a long book report in high school. I still remember sitting down in the class listening to some people reading a book report and you know, how boring it was.

When you’re writing your copy, you have to assume or pretend that you are talking to your prospect. Am sure you wouldn’t start off with a lame or stupid introduction when you were talking to your friend one-on-one. You see, if you are going to start off with a lame and stupid introduction, for more detail visit www.web-sales-letter-supreme.com you’ll bore your prospect to tears and they’ll politely nod their head while thinking about some other stuff in their head. So is important to get right to the point in your opening! No fluff, no filler”¦ just get straight to the point.

After you headline and opening, the next thing you want in your letter is to introduce the problem that your product is going to solve, for more detail visit www.killer-sales-letters.com make sure you don’t talk about your product just yet. A really good way of doing this is to tell a compelling story that illustrates the problem. People love stories, and if you write an interesting and intriguing story that fully presses the prospect’s hot button or hypnotize them, they will keep reading till the end.

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