Feeling Stuck? A Life Coach Can Help!

By: Chris Robertson

From time to time, everyone feels as though they're stuck. Some people describe it as a feeling of suffocation, while others portray it as feeling like they're spinning their wheels. Still others describe a feeling that they're lacking fulfillment, or that they feel like they're wandering around, lost. Often, these people lead full and busy lives, but find they're going through the motions without really moving their lives forward. If you're feeling stuck - regardless of how you describe it - a life coach can help you get on the right track and release your potential.

The process that a life coach uses to help her clients is similar regardless of the issue. Her clients could be a couple with a relationship problem, a recent college graduate ready to embark on his career, a woman who is ready for a job change, or a man who is looking for more financial success. Why you're stuck isn't as important as the process of clearing away the clutter that gets in the way of living life to the fullest. Once that happens, you're free to pursue your dreams.

There are a number of ways that a life coach can help launch you to the next level, including:

1. Impartiality. Unlike a friend, family member, or spouse, a life coach doesn't have a personal stake in the choices you make for yourself. This doesn't mean that loved ones can't be helpful; it only means that they're not impartial. If you're faced with a decision, your life coach wants to help steer you toward the choice that is in alignment with your goals.

2. Objectivity. Great athletes have great coaches. This is because a coach sees the big picture and can more clearly see where you are versus where you want to be. To one degree or another, we all wear blinders, and often can't think outside of the proverbial box. A life coach can.

3. Creating a Vision. We might fully realize that we're stuck, but it's just an amorphous feeling. We might know what we want to move away from, but not what we want to move toward. A life coach will help you define your values, your strengths, and your vision for the future. Once you have that vision, she can help you plan to achieve it.

4. Conscious Living. Many of us live our lives on autopilot - going to work, taking care of the kids, taking care of the house, and so forth. All of these things are important, but we're only effective if we perform them consciously. A life coach can help you review and reframe what's happening in your relationship, in your career, and in your life, so that you can begin to live consciously.

5. Accountability. Some of us know what we want and are wonderful planners, but we fall down when it comes to follow through. A life coach can move you toward accountability by, for example, having you report on your progress. In the process, she can help you celebrate your successes and be a source of strength when you come up short.

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