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Volleyball is familiar as a well known team sport which comprises of two teams. Each team is composed of total six players. The teams are separated by means of a net. With the view of winning the game, each team will try to acquire points by grounding a ball on to the other teamís court. The game should be played by the players under some well defined rules. The supreme rules of the sport are extensive in nature. On the other hand, in reality, playing of the game approaches in a proper manner. A player from any of the squads starts the game by serving the ball, which is the first step. The serving of the Volleyball indicates to the tossing or releasing the ball. Then, the player strikes the ball with the aid of an arm or by hand. This is performed from the opposing side of the courtís back boundary line. The player should hit the ball in such a fashion that it passes over the net. The ball then moves into the court of the other receiving team.

The receiving team has to strive not to let the ball strike the ground within their court only. The team may strike the ball up to three times at maximum. On the other hand, the individual players of the Volleyball game may not stay their hands in touch with the ball consecutively two times. Normally, the first of the two touches is chiefly used to put up for a hit. It serves as a challenge to direct the ball overturn above the net in such a manner that the players who are responsible for serving are unable to end it from being stuck in their court. The game is carried forward, with each team. They are allowed to serve up as many as three consecutive touches until any of the squad ground the volleyball ball into the gap of the opposing party. In this fashion, they win the sport. However, the other team becomes unsuccessful to succeed and gets overpowered in the game. The team that becomes victorious the gathering is given a point, and then hits the ball to begin the subsequent rally.

Each squad of the beach volleyball composed of six players. To initiate the game, first a team is chosen to serve by means of tossing the coin. A member from the serving group hits the ball high up into the air space. He makes an effort to strike the ball such that it passes the net in such a way that it will contact the ground in the court of the opposition team. The other team surely makes use of a mixture not exceeding three acquaintances with the ball. This is basically done to revert to the ball to the opponent's net side. These contacts comprise first of the pass such that the route of the ball is planned towards the contestant. The second is usually an over-hand surpass with the employment of wrists to move about forward fingertips at the ball. This is performed to mean the ball's trajectory towards a spot.

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Beach volleyball is regarded as one of the most exciting and popular games played at the beach side. The Volleyball is played by obeying certain rules and regulations. In this site, one can get a clear picture of the rules of the Volleyball game.

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